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Allie Roar Gives Us A Hot Pop Single “Small Town Love”

Allie Roar is a 17-year old soulful pop artist coming straight from Florida. Some of you BuzzMusic readers may have already familiarized yourself with Allie as she’s performed in iconic venues across the country, such as the infamous Bluebird Café (any Nashville lovers out there?!), as well as various local venues in Jacksonville. Allie Roar definitely isn’t a newbie in the music scene—and her music proves it once we gave it a listen. Incredible flow with the right amount of modernism and old-school vibes we love. Personally, one thing that separates Allie from other artists out there, is her ability to connect with her audience, us included, with her way of telling a compelling story with her songs. Her latest single is no different. 

The single starts off with a calming electro-tune, and soon combines with Allies mellow singing. Halfway through, I realize this single makes me reminisce about the RnB/electro music we used to hear in the early 2000’s—intertwined with Allies modern take on it of course. Once getting down the whimsical flow and tune, it’s easy to find yourself humming along to “Small Town Love “. “ Small Town Love“ especially caught my attention with pulsing rhythm throughout, adding a more alleviating aspect to the underlying melody. One thing I definitely didn’t miss was the way Allie Roar integrated her old-school RnB tune with the the new-age beat—not the easiest thing to execute properly, but we believe Allie nailed it. 

Listen to "Small Town Love" here and get to know more about Allie Roar below!


Hey Allie! Tell our readers what you’re all about! 

I am a pop artist from Jacksonville FL, releasing my first single “Small Town Love”I wrote this song after a trip I took to California.   I try to write music that others can relate to and to inspire people to be their most authentic self. Songwriting and music is something I am passionate about and use it as an outlet to express myself.

How cool was it playing at the Bluebird cafe?!

It was incredible to play in the same venue that so many famous songwriters and artists that I look up to have performed. The intimacy of the  Bluebird allows the stories behind the songs to be painted in their most colorful light making it a truly magical place.

Do you think your closest friends and family have a big impact on your music?

I definitely think my family and friends have a huge impact on my music. Especially giving me inspiration for my writing. I have written about experiences my friends and family have been through. Also their support inspires me to be the best musician that I can be. I have a brother that gave me my first guitar. To this day he still comes to my house and gives me guitar lessons.

Was “Small Town Love” executed in the way you originally saw it to be?

Small Town Love was produced by  Eric Charlton. He did a phenomenal job brining my vision to life. The record  captures the telling of a love story while being enhanced by  modern pop production.

Will we be seeing more single releases from you similar to “Small Town Love”?

I will have another single out in a couple of months. I am so excited to be putting my art out into the world. I cannot wait to see what comes of it.


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