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Allow B0r0s to "SHOW YOU," a Good Time With Their Latest Album

The New York-based genre-defying collective B0r0s highlights the sensual and atmospheric hit, "SHOW YOU," off their latest 10-track album, 'PRIMAVERA.'

The collective prides themselves on their versatility, consisting of unique artists, genre-blending music, honest songwriting, photography, and graphic design. B0r0s comprises vocalist Javi G, producer/vocalist Rxndomosity, producer/instrumentalist Edwin Cordes, vocalist Eli Rozas, visual director Just.Jose, and vocalist/visual artist Leo '00.

Recently releasing their through 10-track album, 'PRIMAVERA,' B0r0s are more than excited to get the album playing through the speakers of their audience, as it offers a brilliant blend of genres like hip-hop, pop, rock, r&b, and alternative. Highlighting the album's 8th track, "SHOW YOU," B0r0s offer an incredibly heartfelt and sultry tune to melt the heart of any listener.

Expanding on the album's 8th track, "SHOW YOU," the song opens with a smooth and atmospheric keyboard melody alongside haunting vocal chops and a crisp mid-tempo drum arrangement. As the first vocalist makes his warm and lustful vocal appearance, he sets the song's passionate tone through lyrics that bring us into the heart of a deeply romantic and sensual relationship.

We adore the transitions between vocalists in this track, as each artist offers this unique flair that perfectly contrasts each other's passionate performances. Not to mention the song's toe-tapping and soulful sonics, B0r0s leaves us nodding our heads to each crisp drum break and the smooth-sailing keyboard melodies that amplify the song's sensual and sultry vibe.

We're deeply impressed with the overall listening experience that B0r0s provided with "SHOW YOU," and we highly encourage our readers to continue the venture through the collective's recent 10-track album, 'PRIMAVERA,' available on all digital streaming platforms.

A warm welcome to BuzzMusic B0r0's and congratulations on the release of your dynamic 10-track album, 'PRIMAVERA.' What inspired your collection to create this thorough and versatile album?

Rxndomosity: Primavera was a clear next step for us. The blooming season was both a motivator and a comfortable safe space at the same time. We’ve been trying to communicate what lead to this album through our expression of growth and blooming since the idea’s conception, maybe even before in our daily lives.

Just.Jose: The Album “PRIMAVERA” has been in the works since god knows when. The Ideas and beats have been around since forever. However, the final concept of what we wanted the album to sound like was decided at the end of last year. The album is a take on what our vision of alternative rap is to us. We drew inspiration from all sorts of mediums, from looking at paintings, sculptures, and museums. Nah we ain’t really do all that. [everyone laughs] We did have a lot of inspirations that we would like to keep close to our hearts.

Javi G: Thank you, I think everything Jared [Rxndomosity] and Jose said is spot on. The idea for the album dates back to Summer 2019 but it never really realized itself until two years later. I think that besides the inspiration, it was just timing. With a lockdown due to the pandemic behind us, it just made sense to do this now.

Regarding the sweet and sensual 8th track, "SHOW YOU," how does this song fit into the album's overall vibe? Does the rest of the album feature other sultry and passionate songs like this?

Javi G: "SHOW YOU” actually dates the album by a good 6 months. During those months we were just dropping fun loosies while we worked on the album behind the scenes. However, the vibe of the song just fit right in. There was no reason not to put it on the album.

Rxndomosity: Although ‘SHOW YOU’ came out as a single much before the album, we felt it demonstrates a much similar feel to Primavera’s general concept. We have a good collection of softer, emotionally-driven songs, like ‘CONTROL’ or ‘CYAN’ with a few harder songs in between them all on the album’s tracklist. Primavera is meant to represent feelings of growing into who we want to become, whether the emotion is desperation for love, confusion from growth, or understanding and accepting who we are becoming.

How does your music video for "SHOW YOU" help your audience introduce themselves to the faces behind the names? Are all of your vocalists featured in this music video?

Javi G: Yeah, everyone that’s in the band actually makes an appearance, not just the vocalists. That’s something that we wanted to make sure we did in order to allow people to start putting faces with voices. I’m the one in the leather jacket with the dyed hair singing the chorus. Rxndomosity takes over the first verse, he’s in there with the curly hair and the denim jacket. My boy Eli Rozas takes on the second verse, he’s rocking the bomber jacket. Lastly, Leo ‘00 ends the song with his verse. He’s in there with the long hair and his camera bag. He keeps it on at all times. Edwin Cordes also makes the cut, he’s a producer/instrumentalist for the group. He pops out in the light denim jacket with glasses. Just. Jose, the director for the video and most of our visuals, has a cameo with the bucket hat on. Even our day-to-day manager Cristian makes an appearance. He’s the guy at the beginning of the video getting into the car.

Would you say that "SHOW YOU" is your collective's favorite song off of 'PRIMAVERA'? Or do you have other tracks on the album that comes close to your favorite?

Eli Rozas: "SHOW YOU" holds a special place within the collective, but to ask us for our favorite track is like asking a parent who their favorite child is! Each track has a different source of inspiration and process for each member. Our own backgrounds and taste in music rarely overlap and because of that our favorite tracks vary from each person [everyone nods]. Of course, we love all the songs on the album but not in the same order and for different reasons. HOWEVER, if we were forced to pick some favorite tracks as a whole, we’d probably lean with ‘SHOW YOU’ and ‘SWERVE.’ These were tracks that immediately connected with us from the first demos shared.

Javi G: Yeah, that’s a great analogy. It really is like having to pick your favorite child. We all put our hearts and souls into each song so that makes it hard to choose. At the moment I’d have to agree with Eli. ‘SWERVE’ and ‘SHOW YOU’ are some bops, it’s hard not to have a special spot for those.


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