Allow B0r0s to "SHOW YOU," a Good Time With Their Latest Album

The New York-based genre-defying collective B0r0s highlights the sensual and atmospheric hit, "SHOW YOU," off their latest 10-track album, 'PRIMAVERA.'

The collective prides themselves on their versatility, consisting of unique artists, genre-blending music, honest songwriting, photography, and graphic design. B0r0s comprises vocalist Javi G, producer/vocalist Rxndomosity, producer/instrumentalist Edwin Cordes, vocalist Eli Rozas, visual director Just.Jose, and vocalist/visual artist Leo '00.

Recently releasing their through 10-track album, 'PRIMAVERA,' B0r0s are more than excited to get the album playing through the speakers of their audience, as it offers a brilliant blend of genres like hip-hop, pop, rock, r&b, and alternative. Highlighting the album's 8th track, "SHOW YOU," B0r0s offer an incredibly heartfelt and sultry tune to melt the heart of any listener.

Expanding on the album's 8th track, "SHOW YOU," the song opens with a smooth and atmospheric keyboard melody alongside haunting vocal chops and a crisp mid-tempo drum arrangement. As the first vocalist makes his warm and lustful vocal appearance, he sets the song's passionate tone through lyrics that bring us into the heart of a deeply romantic and sensual relationship.

We adore the transitions between vocalists in this track, as each artist offers this unique flair that perfectly contrasts each other's passionate performances. Not to mention the song's toe-tapping and soulful sonics, B0r0s leaves us nodding our heads to each crisp drum break and the smooth-sailing keyboard melodies that amplify the song's sensual and sultry vibe.