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Allow Your Vulnerability To Become Present For “Grown”

Jasper’s Riddle released their record Grown, the melancholic and sentimental melody by the acoustic guitar and the comforting smooth-sailing voice by Jasper will mesmerize you to the fullest extent. This is a song we can lie down and listen to whenever we want an escape from my day to day emotions, except I’m not escaping my emotions, rather focusing in on them and letting the sounds of the music vent for me. our favorite moment in this entire song is whenever Jasper sings “Hold me, Hold me close” in his high-pitched falsetto note. The soft resonance he produces showcases the vulnerability and sensitivity in the entire song. Honestly, this record makes us want to become overly emotional and let out a few tears. Which is great because in a world where men is told crying makes them look weak, and women are portrayed as “Emotional” whenever they release a cry, we need moments to ourselves to just become vulnerable. It’s okay to channel in our emotions and release the built up feelings that’s just going to clog our happiness and become congested. “Grown” is the most fitting song for that moment and we can most definitely add this to our playlist.

Listen to "Grown" here, and connect with Jasper's Riddle using the links below!


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