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Allow Yourself the Pleasure of DRTY SHDW's Newest Hit "Place to Be" Feat. Emily Falvey

A dynamic array of electrified musical notes immediately surrounds you as you press play of DRTY SHDW's new release "Place to Be."

This Toronto based artist and producer don't shy away from creating punchy, emotional hits, that center around an ambient electric aura rather than your typical big house beats. "Place to Be" features cascading synths that envelop the track and listener. The ladened symbol percussion shimmers, and crests throughout rising tempo's that pump along with this electrified soundscape. Emily Falvey provides the vocals for "Place to Be," and sings them with sweetness as Emily's vocals perfectly move along with the accompanying tempos and harmonies.

DRTY SHDW uses dramatic pauses within the upbeat atmosphere, where he carefully takes his time in building a new element of sound that raises the track to a new level. Whether he is using a fast-paced piano to drive the melody, a cumulating aura of synths, or a steading pounding percussion that explodes into a thick bass-line, DRTY SHDW keeps you engaged and wondering where the song is going to take you next. The lyrics are simple and responsive, which allows you to connect on an emotional level. This paring of simplified lyrics and complex EDM sounds is a expertly crafted and produced product that showcases DRTY SHDW's talent for creating ear-catching melodies.

Discover "Place to Be" here.  

Hello DRTY SHDW and welcome to BuzzMusic. "Place to Be" is such an upbeat and energetic song, we loved every aspect of it. Where did the concept for the song come from? The music aspect of the song was all done in my studio in Toronto, Canada. I wanted to create something new but still have the familiar flavors from my previous releases. With “Place To Be” I really wanted to display more my love for House music but still have the structural elements of a pop song. The lyrics portion was done by Emily Falvey in Nashville. “Place to be” is our first collaborative effort together. She came up with a lyrical concept which I find everyone can easily relate and she also has a beautiful voice which I find fit the song very well. 

There is a high level of production that is clearly evident in "Place to Be." You can tell each part of the song is dissected and methodically arranged. Can you tell us a bit about your process arranging melodies and building soundscapes? I can tell you that the first good draft of music I sent to Emily Falvey to write vocals over was a much different song. After I got her vocals I noticed some musical elements were lacking just to have vocals and music harmonize better together. So I did more additional production like I re-worked the whole “drop” completely. Went back on my keyboard play around with some chords and melodies. Turning knobs to get things to sound good. The process of arranging melodies to me is always like doing a puzzle and trying to find the right piece to fits. 

What about the EDM scene are you drawn to and what feelings do you want to give your listeners from your music? I find the EDM scene is a way for people to escape and unite with happy vibes. As for me at least. Even with the madness going on in the world right now electronic music or any other music gives a place for people to coup and to be inspired. That what I want my music to be for people brings out the joy and dance! 

How long have you been creating and producing music? How has your music evolved since your first creations?

I’m not gonna get into the years I have been producing music but it’s a “LONG” time. Through playing in punk/metal bands when I was younger to currently making Electronic Music. My music evolved as I evolved as a person but things I did in the past still inspire me. 

What can fans anticipate to hear next from you?

I’m planning to drop a couple more singles and an EP in the coming months. I really can’t wait to finally take this music to the club. 



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