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Alluring Track “Silhouette” By Samuriium Featuring Avishek Choudhury Released

Avishek Choudhury is a UK base singer-songwriter from Blackpool, Lancashire who also plays the piano and the acoustic guitar. Music has always been his biggest passion from writing, creating and recording music to performing on stage at various live music venues. In 2012, Avishek’s musical journey began playing his very first open mic night at The Blue Room in Blackpool while doing BTEC Music at ‘The Blackpool Sixth Form College’. He attended the University Campus Barnsley for 3 years where he received a degree in popular music and while doing his degree he performed as many gigs as he could such as radio play on ‘BBC Introducing in Sheffield’. In January 2017 he moved back to Blackpool and later that year he was invited to play live on BBC Radio Lancashire as part of the Festival of Making for BBC Music Introducing Lancashire and was invited again in 2018. He has also performed at gigs like ‘Eaglefest’, ‘Barnsley Live’, ‘St Anne’s Music & Arts Festival’, and the ‘Bellevue Road Summer Fair’. Some of his influences are Coldplay, The Script and Bastille.

Sam Macdonald, better known as Samuriium, started playing piano in 2012 and developed his love for music. He has been teaching himself production since 2015 working from the ground up, but over the last year he has buckled down and mastered the software side as well as song writing and networking. Sam has been inspired by a range of artists such as Avicii, Jonas Blue, Kygo and Zedd. He is hoping to study at ‘The Academy of Contemporary Music’ or ‘Leeds College of Music’ in September for music production.

This funky, lively song that sounds like it has a variety of genres mixed into one. The layers in this song are in-depth and have that indie kind of vibe to them. If you close your eyes, there are moments that almost sound like steel drums, mixed with drums and maracas and the mixture of these sounds really take you out of your mind. The vocal track has remnant of David Bowie, mixed with resonance of Toto’s ‘Africa’ and descriptive lyrics that make it easy for the listener to drift away in relaxation. “I’m just a silhouette, a dying rose you left behind” – I personally love the use of metaphors in music, helping make a connection to something that you can physically picture in your mind, and gives you an idea of the impression that this duo is trying to make. The single’s artwork is beautiful and further gives an idea of the picture that is being painted throughout this track.

Experience the beauty of "Silhouette" here, and scroll below for the artists personalized interview!


Hey! Pleasure to chat with you! Can you tell us a bit more about yourselves?

Sam: "Hi Buzz Music, I'm Sam aka Samuriium, I'm from Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk. Music has always been a passion of mine and I never took it at GCSE or A Level because I'd felt it would become a chore."

Avishek: "My name is Avishek Choudhury, I'm a singer-songwriter from Blackpool, Music has always been my biggest passion from writing, creating & recording music to performing music on the stage at various live music venues. I mainly gig as a solo acoustic act, with just me and my electroacoustic guitar."

What made you decide to create this collaboration “Silhouette”?

Sam: "Me and Avishek met at a songwriting course in Jan 2018 and after listening to his music I wanted to collaborate with him, and at the time of asking if you wanted to collaborate, Silhouette was a fresh song being written and worked on."

Avishek: "I always wanted to try a collaboration, but for one reason or another, it never happened, so when Sam was looking for singers to work with, I thought perfect opportunity. We tried out a few song ideas, but ultimately we felt that Silhouette was the best one."

What is the meaning behind the descriptive lyrics and haunting sounds in “Silhouette”?

Sam: The lyrics are about a post-relationship in which the persona is being forgotten about, they're there but not in the picture or not in physical form. It's storytelling in a kind of way, as the song progresses, lyrically and with the backing track, the persona is being more and more broken-hearted and by the end of the song (with the build up and sort of drop) the persona may resolve over this pain but is still a silhouette in someones mind.

There are a variety of sounds scattered throughout this track, what instruments can we listen for?

Sam: One of the main instruments is the piano playing throughout. This is accompanied by the melody which consists of flutes, synths and a piccolo. Plus some tropical chords and pads, with some drums, kick, snap percussion - also some thick synths at the end.

What’s next for you in 2019?

Sam: I'm hoping to release a final single next month before the album. Then I'm going to uni to do music production in September.

Avishek: More writing, recording & gigging. I have some live gigs coming up:

'Eaglefest' at The Golden Eagle, Thornton-Cleveleys (26/05/2019)

'Barnsley Live' at Pour House 22, Barnsley (15/06/2019)

'Benefit Bash' at 02 Academy 2, Islington, London (29/09/2019)


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