Alorangel Drifts Outside the Musical Realm with Her Recent Children's Book

The enigmatic Christian singer-songwriter, author, and producer Alorangel returns to highlight a meaningful and influential creative path with the release of her latest children's book entitled "A Children's Bible Story: Adam and Eve."

Taking a step closer to God with each day, Alorangel's music and other creative endeavors never fail to shine a light on the power of God and the trust she has in him. In terms of her music career, Alorangel has made ground-breaking impacts on the Christian and electronic music scenes through her upbeat and hi-fi tracks that pay tribute to the creator above.

Alorangel has always felt a connection with the world of recognition, especially since she was constantly surrounded by creative and musical relatives. In fact, Alorangel's father recently released a book entitled "Biolum." Taking after her father's passion for writing, Alorangel continues spreading the word of the Gospel through her latest short story, "A Children's Bible Story: Adam and Eve."

Taking a deeper look at the short story, "A Children's Bible Story: Adam and Eve," the book is jam-packed with quotes and content of The New American Bible (NABRE). While telling the story in a more straightforward way for children to comprehend, Alorangel also loaded the book with cartoon-like illustrations that further expand on the story.

"A Children's Bible Story: Adam and Eve" is dedicated to the parents who took the time to share the Bible's story with others. As Alorangel jumps back and forth from music to writing, there's one thing for sure, which is that her spiritual side will always shine through in the making. Whether she's sharing the word of the Gospel or her own truths, Alorangel's audience is bound to feel inspired to delve deeper into their spiritual side with help from her inspiring efforts.