Alorangel Emits a New Type of Energy in “Make the Day Come Alive!”

Alorangel is all for God. She's a unique Christian artist whose personality, talent, and music speak for themselves. She thanks God for gracing her with unmeasurable success, making her a serious recording artist after landing on VEVO.

Constantly working to defy defamations made towards her authenticity and original music, she prides herself on making it from the bottom on her own and has earned superstar status with several B global exposure.

Her most recent single, "Make The Day Come Alive!," Alorangel tours us through a dark soundscape of rhythm that flexes our imagination in a newfound manner. The amplified rock n roll soundscape makes a gritty foundation for the divine essence of Alorangel's vocals to rest upon. With vocal processing that elevates her pitches and adds texture to the croons she performs, there's an eclectic nature that sizzles through the boisterous presence that "Make The Day Come Alive!" embodies.

Known for taking her inspiration to the next level as she casts out a message of her faith and beliefs, Alorangel encourages her audience to tap into what they believe in to be more in tune with the religious beliefs. As she emits a glimmer in the way she carries herself, there's no denying the poise that comes from such a creative headspace.

"Make The Day Come Alive!" tests our passion and showcases the desire that Alorangel conveys through the melodic pieces she crafts. Making a massive impact, this is a record that most definitely has us feeling out the rhythmic grooves placed in front of us.