Alorangel Explores New and Fresh Waves of Sound on, "Bridge 2 U"

Lora Allison Hunter, known artistically as Alorangel, is back to showcase a new and refreshing aspect of her sound.

Alorangel is known for her innovative sound, a sound that creates environments full of buzzing energy. She plays around with her vocal arrangements in a way that's completely disparate from what's heard within the industry today, take that as you may. Alorangel is a fast-forward thinker, and her latest release, "Bridge 2 U," displays her unique way of conceptualizing sound.

Alorangel has released an eclectic collection of synths and musical expressions, titled "Bridge 2 U". The track requires intense concentration in order to hone into all of its innate qualities.

The complex arrangement of electronic synths is dazzling. It takes time to disembody each element and appreciate the combination of sound and style. Alorganel has always been one to create eccentric musical offerings, offerings that inspire creativity. She's spunky and refreshing in many elements, ultimately crafting an environment that is ethereal and otherworldly. Listen to "Bridge 2 U" if you're craving a diverse and unique listening experience.