Alorangel Gives Thanks to the Man Upstairs

Continually letting her creativity flow through aspects near and dear to her heart like family, culture, freedom, and God, the successful Christian artist, and singer-songwriter Alorangel returns to give thanks to the creator above.

Whenever we're graced with the versatile stylings of Alorangel, she always leaves us in awe of her inspirational music that highlights God and his many glories. Although her personality is rather shy, Alorangel puts this aside and creates her music to further introduce listeners to God's ways while helping them carve their path towards spiritual and religious enlightenment.

Through her trademark cat-designed mask, angel wings, and cross bracelet, Alorangel makes it incredibly clear that she creates her music for the sole purpose of giving thanks to God, who graciously gifted her vast success within her music career.

Like many other artists, Alorangel has unfortunately encountered quite a few negative experiences throughout her music career. That being said, Alorangel is always one to turn to God when in need of a helping hand and guidance as she continues traveling into the unknown.

You can find Alorganel's inspiring, motivational, and Christian music on all digital streaming platforms, and allow yourself to feel lifted from the young singer-songwriter's devotion to her religious journey.