Alorangel Hits Us With New Inspirational Track “God Is With Us”

Alorangel is here to inspire us with her innovative ideas when it comes to music. With mixtures of Italian, German, English, and Philippine in her blood, Alorangel is full of life and ready to take on the world. Though, this independent musician has accomplished much more than musical milestones in her career. Being a children’s author and having obtained a Digital Media degree are only some of the accomplishments Alorangel has hit in her lifetime, and there’s much more to come.

Releasing her new electronic track, “God Is With Us,” has us anxiously waiting for what this ambitious artist will do next. “God Is With Us” is packed with luscious sounds that encompass precisely what this artist is all about; creativity and focus. With a vocal style that caught us off guard, Alorangel will have your attention from start to finish through this song. Every note hits a new feeling that perfectly fits the overall vibe we felt is best described as bright and positive. It is all captured here within a few minutes of bliss. Alorangel’s “God Is With Us” is a new track you won’t want to miss out on hearing.

Discover “God Is With Us” here.