Alorangel is Back With Unmatched Sonic Experience on “Angels”

Alorangel is the type of artist who refuses to remain stagnant and chained down by society’s expectations of how specific music and genre styles should appear. Breaking free from the shackles of what some may call ‘normalcy,’ Alorangel showcases her edgy and unmatched personality with her new single “Angels.”

Rather than providing her fans with a cookie-cutter song constructed with the same stencil every time, she leaves it to the fans to create their own sonic experience based on their perception of “Angel.” The song’s uncommon production immediately tears down any expectations the listener may have and replaces them with the feeling of being hypnotized and placed gently into a trance.

With its quickly-paced beat and supersonic synths thumping from the very beginning of the song, the backtrack of “Angels” resembles the energy of an old-school fitness track. She experimented with the soundboard during the production process and includes sound effects that are not ordinarily used, giving her fans a refreshing atmosphere, and showing them that she can think outside the box. While her lyrics are minimal and sung in a spoken-word style, Alorangel often repeats certain phrases and words, sounding similar to a mantra. Alorangel’s echoing and repetitive vocals are what give “Angels” its psychedelic flavors that urge the listener into a deeper state of consciousness.