Alorangel Shares Her Loyal Faith in Latest Single, "Follow Jesus Ways"

Alorangel is back with her dignified, unique soundscapes. If you aren't familiar with this genre-bending artist, it's about time you give her music listening to in order to experience her one-of-a-kind technique.

Alorangel often integrates her faith into her songs, which only elevates the way she goes about incorporating her lyrical narratives. Her latest project, titled "Follow Jesus Ways," continues the streak of being rooted in such faith, and it combines many genre aspects to solidify its overall melody.

"Follow Jesus Ways" has a fast-paced, electrifying, and eclectic production that provides an energetic-like, otherworldly atmosphere. The manipulated vocal style of Alorangel gets blended into the lively rhythm to create a product that screams versatility.

That's essentially what Alorangel is all about at the end of the day--generating refreshing music that takes on an eccentric, disparate tone to what many can expect to hear in the music industry today. Alorangel offers many unique elements of her artistry within "Follow Jesus Ways," and her rooted faith gets shone just as bright as she usually shines it within her distinguishable songs.

"Follow Jesus Ways" is now available for streaming.