Alorangel Shatters Expectations with, “Lord You Are Everything To Me”

Alorangel is back again with a much-anticipated return in the form of her single “Lord You Are Everything To Me.” Having grown up in a musically gifted family, Alorangel was always set for the stage. She has attended Central Ohio Technical College, the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, and the Academy of Art University. Since then, Alorangel has been working tirelessly to create up to 300 songs. Her determination is evident ever since she released her first song in 2018. “Lord You Are Everything To Me’s” introduction is anything but basic. Lasting for twelve seconds before the bass kicks in, Alorangel introduces her music style with a futuristic effect. With its high-frequency noises and rushes of energy, it sounds as though a high-tech spaceship is piloting.

We begin to hear Alorangel’s higher-pitched vocals as if she is singing underwater. Her voice sounds hypnotic as if she could be in a trance. Alorangel draws inspiration from iMovie’s “neon” soundtrack for a hard-hitting electric soundscape. The quick-tempo beat and dynamic synth sets the baseline for “Lord You Are Everything To Me.” Throughout the entirety of the song, Alorangel layers her echoing vocals on top of the backtrack. There is a moment about halfway through the song where the music pauses long enough for fans to take a few breaths, then continues again at full energy.

Hello Alorangel and welcome back to BuzzMusic. What was your inspiration for the production of “Lord You Are Everything To Me?” Where did you draw your ideas from this song?

At the time, I felt determined to produce a track that will have deep meaning as well as being more uplifting, optimistic, heartfelt, and with a boost of a more high energy level embedded in the track. I even felt inspired after listening to both Gospel and EDM that has given me the idea of combining both genres. At the time when I was still producing the song, I’ve often thought about a few challenges in my life that led me to think about God, how much he truly means to me, and what he’s done for me. The song also relates to many music lovers out there who have also faced many challenges, barriers, and struggles who would like to hear a song that shares an optimistic perspective.

Since most of the attention is focused on the spectacular production of “Lord You Are Everything To Me’s” soundscape, could you tell your fans what the title of the song represents, and what it means to you?

The song’s lyrics are written in a way that is heartfelt but also very positively uplifting. When I wrote the song, I was conveying a message to my fans of how God gives you hope, strength, and love. I also mentioned how important it is to follow God, to learn his ways, and to know that having God in your life will mean everything to you when you notice the deeper relationship between you and God and how valuable and precious that really is. 

You have found yourself near the top of the global music charts many times! These include #1 in Japan, #3 in the Philippines, #6 in Germany, #7 in Russia, and #14 in Canada. How have these accomplishments inspired you as an artist? Have they increased your determination?

I was surprised by these accomplishments as well as others. I thank God for all of these wonderful blessings. Everything that I do, I always have God as the center of it all. Because I know that I couldn’t have done these things without the help of God. I have even felt inspired because of the blessings that God has done. 

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

Reading the Bible, focusing on God, and listening to Gospel and EDM.