Alorangel, the New Wave-Alternative Artist

Alorangel makes another big entrance on the New Wave-Alternative scene with her debut single “God Is Love.” This song transcends the feelings of being left out, staying calm, and finding love in purpose. Faith has continued to push Alorangel to the pinnacle of her career and by the sounds of it, the top keeps getting higher. With much success in blogs and magazines like Healthy Celebs, Alorangel has been getting noticed and it is no question why. With a unique sound and awing lyrics “God Is Love ”will take you through a roller-coaster of emotion and keep you on the edge of your earbuds. Alorangel has landed her music on many popular playlists on Spotify, Apple Music, and Youtube where she has gained the attention of her audience. As a natural-born musician, she takes pride in releasing only her best work and plans to focus the spotlight on her new music in 2021. Some of Alorangel’s inspiration comes from her culture and family upbringing, with a centralized focus on God, Love, & Freedom. You can feel this connection deeply when listening to “God Is Love” where the melody speaks directly to your soul. #BUZZMUSIC