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Alt-Rock Band 'Swears' Release New Single 'Cabin Fever' And We're All For It

Welcome to the BuzzMusic platform! Congratulations on both the release of "Cabin Fever" along with its music video! Can you tell our readers how the overall production of the music video went? Looking back, is there anything you wish you could've done differently? 

We filmed our first music video 'Faith in The Nation' ourselves, and as we wanted a low-budget B-movie aesthetic we decided the DIY approach could work again. Our singer’s brother, Louis, has the skills and access to some cool equipment so he took on the role of cameraman. We planned out the shoot ourselves, filming it at a variety of locations. For the driving scenes, we tied the camera to Louis' hands and dangled him out of the car to get side-on driving shots, and out of the rear of another car to get the front-on shots. We don’t really have any regrets - we had fun running around the streets pretending to be cops, and overall we’re really happy with how it turned out. We did have to cut out some of the funniest clips, to fit the song duration and also because they didn’t make sense without context. Some of the funnier clips might surface though, at some point.

We loved the cinematic qualities of the music video, it had us laughing pretty hard! What was the overall concept you wanted to capture?

We've been looking for an opportunity to film a 70s B Movie style cop show for a while now and this gave us an excuse. The original concept for ‘Cabin Fever’ was based around the obvious metaphor of being stuck in a room, with the lead character drawing conspiracies on the walls and generally being a bit weird. With a few mental gymnastics we extended the idea to be about a buddy-cop detective duo conducting an investigation to find their perp, while he committed crimes and taunted them from the safety of his “abandoned cabin” base. The two detectives, Stephanos Kotopoulos & Stavros Souvlaki (as played by Stephanos & George) must put their limited crime-solving skills to the test as they traverse the mean streets, following clues, interrogating mechanics, barmaids, and blasts from the past (cameo appearance incoming) on their quest to find criminal-mastermind Terry Tremors (as played by Joel). It features show-stopping performances from a number of friends and family, including Joel's dog.

We know you've been releasing music together since 2017 but how did SWEARS officially come to fruition? 

We've known each other for years via various bands on the same scene. George and Stephanos come as a duo on accounts of the whole 'blood bond' thing and knew Joel from his time fronting other bands. Tom, our bassist, joined the party later. Weird fact - Joel lived away for a while and one of the things that convinced him to come back "home" was that he heard the Louca bros’ then-band, loved it and thought it'd mean there was a scene here for his kind of music. We’d had a bit of experience playing together doing one-off gigs and the occasional onstage jam, and eventually the stars aligned, we wrote a couple of songs together and all ended up in a band. Romantic - right?

We’re really happy to be featuring your song “Cabin Fever”. It’s very catchy, but also incorporates an integral message within. Can you explain to our readers the truth that is embedded within the track?

‘Cabin Fever’ about the feeling of being trapped (be it in a situation, a self-destructive routine, a relationship, a body, a job, a town etc), the desire to break out, and the suspicion that things will only get worse. We’re all super-positive guys, as you can tell. 

Thank you so much for talking with us! What kind of goals have you made for yourself artisically? Where do you believe you and your music will be in the next year?

We’ve released a few stand-alone singles now, and the next natural step is to release an EP, which we hope to have out early next year. We played a few festivals this summer, but we’d like to get on even more next year (hint* hint* any millionaire promoters reading). We’re all in it for the adventure and the experience, so touring and traveling is a major focus. Then after that, we take over the world. Obviously.


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