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Alternative Artist Tommy Tsunami Brings New Music to the Table With His New Single "Diamonds"

Hailing from the Chicago area, Tommy Tsunami always had the vision of creation in mind. Growing his songwriting proficiency since 2010, Tommy Tsunami has crafted the best-perceived version of his sound. The major element to Tommy Tsunami's sound has to be the amount of dedication and fervor you can hear in his voice. During songs, especially with his latest song "Diamonds", it's so evident that he's giving it all he has, which attracts us in so many ways as listeners!

"Diamonds" feels very honest right from the start, as Tommy Tsunami expresses his thoughts and feelings in a very rapid and come-forth way. You can feel a variety of emotions pour off of Tommy Tsunami's voice, which gives us that confirmation that what he's saying feels true and real. That was probably the primary aspect that allowed us to feel connected to what Tommy Tsunami was saying, ultimately bringing down the invisible wall between artist and listener. His music is very forward, and it's obvious that Tommy Tsunami is not afraid to communicate his inner intentions to his listeners. Tommy Tsunami appears transparent, and we don't feel shut out at all as listeners. Ambience-wise, the cool and collected feel Tommy Tsunami captures in his voice is projected onto us, and we feel calm, but in a stimulating way.

Find the stimulating comfort of Tommy Tsunami's in "Diamonds" here.

Hey, Tommy Tsunami! Welcome! "Diamonds" recently came out, and the song holds both this intensity and composure. The emotional significance was very clear to any listener. Are you able to share the intent of the song with our readers? 

The intent of the song was to portray my feelings for a past lover. Although it seems negative, the song is meant to show my growth and how to stay positive in situations like that.

Coming from the Chicago area, do you feel that "Diamonds" incorporated any inspiration you've stemmed from your experiences in the city?

Being from the Chicago area Diamonds didn’t have much influence from my experiences in the city. My “up-beat” songs are inspired from Chicago.

Your voice encases a strong sense of dedication and passion. The way your vocal tone rolls itself out is effortless, almost in a suave-type way. Has this kind of vocal execution taken time to cultivate, or did it come naturally to you as an artist?

My voice has just come naturally through me finding the most comfortable way to use it. Through years of hard work and practice, I’m where I am now; and I’m just getting better!)

What's the next move for your sound? Can listeners expect Tommy Tsunami to remain consistent with sound, or are you planning on changing things up down the road?

My listeners should always be ready for surprises. I’m going to keep my core sound but switch it up occasionally to keep my originality.

What's next for you and your music, Tommy Tsunami?  What’s next is releasing more singles, distributing merch, and eventually releasing another EP. Playing local live shows in the Chicago area Summer 2020! 



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