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Alternative Aussie Rock Band Silver Citizen Release Fifth Single "Years Behind Me"

Silver Citizen are an alternative rock band from Brisbane, Australia. Comprised of three members Jimmy Wenham on lead vocals and guitar, Andy Kellie on bass and vocals and David Hensler, also known as as “Double Kick Dave” on drums. The group creates a unique and fresh sound for today’s rock scene. Silver Citizen offers a heavy and deliberate arrangement of rock with harmonically-rich vocals and flawless delivery. Their sound has previously been compared to other well known rock bands such as Stone Temple Pilots and Rage Against The Machine.

Their newest single “Years Behind Me” showcases Silver Citizen’s expansive talent as a whole. The guitar riffs that Jimmy delivers are hypnotic and precise. Heavy and powerful bass from Andy keep the edgy hard rock sound consistent, while the drums are driven and crisp from David. The meaningful lyrics tell a poetic and aching love story. A yearning lover pleading for his beloved to see the light in him. We can all relate to the feeling of disparity within our lives and needing someone to see the best in you.  A little over half-way through “Years Behind Me” Andy blesses us with a killer guitar solo that paints a soundscape in our mind and prove that these rockers from Brisbane are here to stay. “Years Behind Me” will be on my summer rock playlist and I recommend checking it out as soon as it’s released!

Check it out here on April 18th! Read more in out exclusive interview with Silver Citizen below.

Can you introduce yourselves and explain how you all met?

We are Silver Citizen - a three-piece rock trio from Brisbane, Australia. With Jimmy Wenham on lead vocals/guitar, Andy Kellie (Blind Lucy) on bass/vocals, and David “Double Kick Dave” Hensler (Apate) on drums. We formed early 2016 as a reincarnation of our previous musical project (Zelita), and have refined our new sound to deliver solid Alt Rock with New Age, Hip-Hop/Rap Rock and Pop influences. Andy and Jimmy met through a mutual friend (Zelita’s Guitarist, Daniel Hilder) and started our first band together, Zelita. A few years later, our drummer unfortunately had to part ways to pursue his physics career overseas. That is when we discovered David, whose mum worked with Jimmy at the time and recommended David to have a jam with us, as most good mums do. We’ve been together ever since, with the slight adjustments of a name change, minus a lead guitarist (who also moved interstate for work) and a new sound.

What’s your writing process like? Do you write your own music or collab with others?

We have a very simple writing process. Usually Jimmy or Andy will write 80% of a song then present it to the band. From there, everyone else will give their input to put the icing on the “Silver Citizen cake”. It’s also fun to leave a bit of writing space for the recording process as well; there’s always some creative input the moment we start tracking the song in Pro Tools and it usually ends up becoming our favorite part too.


What’s the meaning behind “Years Behind Me”? What inspired it?

‘Years Behind Me’ is about reflecting on your past and thinking about the moments and situations

where you could have done something different. Everyone has moments in their life where they could have been a better or different person. The underlying message of the song is to understand that there’s nothing wrong with having moments that still haunt you today. If you as a person don’t have any regrets or moments that haunt you, then you either haven’t grown up or learned from your mistakes. Having those haunting memories makes us human, and they make us better people.

What’s the origin of the name Silver Citizen?

We started with a few different names that were rattled off early in our conception (Fire In the Fridge,The Participants etc.). We ended up sort of combining a couple of ideas to create “Silver Citizen”. It’s a bit of word play on “Second Class Citizen”, a nice double-barrel with tasty alliteration.

What’s your favorite song to perform live, why?

Our favourite song to play live has always been ‘Now We Groove’, ever since the day we wrote it. It’s just one of those songs that always feels good to play and makes us smile. If we are ever having a bad night on stage, the turning point is always that song - for whatever reason it just resonates good vibes through the band and that translates to the audience too.

What's next for Silver Citizen through 2019?

Who knows… we don’t haha. We will be doing a couple of shows in Brisbane and the Gold Coast to promote the new song ‘Years Behind Me’ (we’ll be playing a Brisbane Single Launch show Thursday April 18th at The Foundry, and the following Friday April 26th will be playing our first show at the Gold Coast at Currumbin Pub). We also do have a few songs in the pipeline – we might choose to do a dance or metal song for our next single, it all depends on whether we feel like shaking things up. The fans will have to wait and find out!


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