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Alternative Band Trampoline Gives Us "Emily's Tea Party"

Anti-rock band Trampoline was founded in the summer of 2014. The band’s sound is

characterized by the idiosyncratic and evocative songwriting of Michelle Lennik (guitarist and

vocalist) and the creative feedback between Steve Martens (Drums and vocals) as well with

Joey Penner (bass and vocals). The band’s choice of arrangement bring together cinematic

elements as well as punk, indie rock and progressive blending styles. Powered by satirical and

playful lines while containing heartfelt emotion, Trampoline uses their music to explore the

realms of the human experience.

A quirky sound of alternative music is “Emily’s Tea Party”. A solid and punchy bassline is

leading the track , littered with guitar riffs that flow like a rock song yet have a soft and upbeat

touch when the breaks intervene. The lyrics contrast greatly with the mood of the song,

speaking about murder and a spoken part of “God was there at the tea party” and “May I evil

murder, be evil you done her” give a twisted tale that seems to tell of a deranged tea party.The

band is nonetheless unique with their sound and execution. Trampoline brings a fresh take on

alternative music and will continue to do so as long as they make music.

Introduce yourself with Trampoline's "Emily's Tea Party" on Spotify, and be sure to check out the band's interview below!

Can you explain the meaning of “Emily’s Tea Party” and the concept behind it?

The song Emily's Tea Party juxtaposes the rage one can experience towards those who perpetrate violence against vulnerable people (in this case children) with the bliss that arises when that rage is is transcended and converted to compassion. 

What do you hope to accomplish with your music?

We would like to get it out of our heads and out to a larger of group of people desiring music with original content that resonates deeply within them, that helps them connect to who they are and the world around them in a meaningful way. The hope is that subsequent listens will bring some laughter, some hand claps and some pelvic thrusts. 

Can you explain what anti-rock music?

I think that as soon as a genre becomes established there is an expectation of what a band/group is supposed to sound like. To some degree we kinda fit in the rock category but don't like any expectations of that genre put on us. I think a better summation of us is "unpredictable human beings making funny and thoughtful noise in an intentional and cohesive manner", but that's a mouthful. 

Is there any symbolism in the music video for “Emily’s Tea Party”?

The sugar cube castle in the music video represents the structures we create in our minds to protect ourselves from real or imagined dangers in our environment. It is not uncommon for a child to dissociate and collapse into a world of darkness, divorced from their true essence that is "light". Consequently they may perceive the fear and pain inside of their bodies as monsters and demons outside of themselves, represented by the cloaked figure in the music video. But when the childhood conditioning is stripped away, what can be leftover but a tea party with God?

Can you describe your writing process? Did you run into any challenges?

Most of the time Michelle writes something, and maybe records it on garageband. We have a rehearsal of fleshing out ideas which often get recorded, then Steve starts adding things to this recording on an old version of cool edit pro, then Michelle adds things, parts are sometimes rearranged and then another rehearsal happens…. Joey typically addresses things that are working or not working in the rhythm section, then back editing, repeated listens, and other epiphanies emerge. The cycle repeats a number of times. 

What can we expect from you in the near future?

This album could take us in a number of directions with touring, with alternative arrangements of these songs, and with subsequent music videos. The concept album approach also has some other options that are being looked into as well. At the same time we have been working on even newer songs. Some of these have been taken on an increasingly frantic orchestral approach.



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