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Alternative Folk Singer Jacqueline Hackett Takes a Dive Into the Music Industry

Jacqueline Hackett is a singer-songwriter from New York City that has recently made her debut in the music industry. Growing up with artistic parents, her father being a musician and her mother being a poet, she was surrounded by creative energy all the time.

Deciding to jump headfirst into the music industry was a long-awaited decision made while struggling with meaning and purpose during college, and Jacqueline Hackett is now hard at work pursuing her true passions. She aims to be raw and real with her lyrics, to connect with listeners on a meaningful level, and fearlessly wear her heart on her sleeve. Her soft but powerful vocals and stripped-down guitar radiate nostalgia and draw in the listener.

Music is something that uniquely gives an opportunity for reflection and contemplation about significant or even mundane events in our lives. Jacqueline Hackett’s self-awareness and willingness to be vulnerable makes her relatable to listeners and helped make a statement during the release of her debut single, “The Rest of the World Could See”. She took love and loss and projected that into her music, and this kind of dexterity and inventiveness will stick with her in the long run.

Jacqueline Hackett has recently finished preparing a debut EP that will further introduce herself to the world and build a foundation for her future career.



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