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Alternative/Indie-pop Duo Kar Graces Us With New Single 'On Our Own'

The alternative/indie-pop duo Kar are back and they've brought their newest single to share! Coming all the way from Bath, UK, Kathryn Dobbin (vocals and keyboard) and Charlie Player (vocals and guitar) have made huge leaps these last few months and we've got the receipts. Their song, "On Our Own", is an incredibly polished piece that you honestly need to check out! "On Our Own" is a song about how relationships influence life (for better or for worse). Kar's approach to the lyrics and tone of the song is tender and fresh. The intricate soundscape is crafted using a symphony of instruments that intertwine beautifully. Charlie on guitar creates an amazing backdrop for the track. It's cool, mellow sound guides the listener into the melancholic bliss that Kar creates oh so well. The solo, the beat throughout, and most of all, the twangy sounds, draw you in even deeper. And yes, those stringy notes are addicting. Kathryn and Charlie's vocals are the cherry on top. Kathryn's voice is hauntingly beautiful, while Charlie's is crisp and clean. Together, they're dynamic and potent. It's a match made in heaven.

"On Our Own" drops on October 30 on all major streaming platforms!


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