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Alternative Rock Band Krantz Is Craving To Share "Sweet N Sour Mary Lynne"

Based in Nashville, TN, Krantz is known for putting their twist on all things rock. The band consists of lead singer and guitarist Jeffrey Krantz, Tee Tallent on keys, and percussionist Adrian Flores. Lately, they've drawn inspiration from the classic sounds of the 60s and the edginess of the 90s and that’s where their third album “Misty Morning Dew" gets its familiar, yet distinctive sound. For now, we're gonna be taking a look at the track "Sweet N Sour Mary Lynne", so let's just jump in head first!

When we heard about the 60s meets 90s fusion of rock music, we did not know what to expect. But not to worry, Krantz is masterful at what they do and you're instantly thrown into an expertly constructed time warp that's able to traverse both eras at once. The song starts with dreamy, psychedelic keys that sound so retro and 60s, but then we're knocked into the 90s by the drums and guitar. Jeffrey's voice perfectly brings the entire sound together with lyrics about that effortless girl who is ever so present in all those 90s bops. The chorus sounds like it could have been taken straight from another era, from its rawness. Krantz has captured so many great retroelements in "Sweet N Sour Mary Lynne" that you need to take a listen for yourself!

Listen to "Sweet N Sour Mary Lynne" here and get to know Krantz below in our exclusive interview.

It's so great to have you Krantz! We're in love with the entire 60s meets 90s vibe that you've been giving us. What influenced you to create a song like "Sweet N Sour Mary Lynne”?

Thanks for having me Buzz Music! I actually wrote this one with my buddy and old bandmate, Joel King, who is in a band called the Wildfeathers.  You can definitely hear the Tom Petty influence in this one I feel.

What was the writing process for "Sweet N Sour Mary Lynne" like? How did you come up with the title?

Well, I came to Joel with a progression and melody and he actually did most of the lyrics. It’s just about a wild girl who can’t be tamed.

Do you feel like "Sweet N Sour Mary Lynne" belongs more in the 60s or in the 90s?

I think it sounds more like a 90s tune for sure. I mean, who doesn’t love the 90s?!

Being a rock band, what is the most important thing people take away when listening to your music?

Well, I always am told that people have my songs stuck in their heads, so hopefully a catchy melody. Most of my songs are about love too, so good feelings.

What goals do you guys have for the upcoming year?

Well, we’re releasing the whole album on Oct 25 and having a big party here in Nashville at the Mercy Lounge. Hopefully hit the road again and head over to Europe!


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