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Always Back With New Music, Dejwe Drops “She Took It There”

Dejwe (pronounced Day-j-way) is a CEO of his own music production company, Artist, Songwriter, and Producer. Born Yvenson Bernard from Haiti he moved to the U.S. when he was 6 years old. Having grown up and now currently residing in Tampa, he learned much about American culture and particularly found an interest with music. The sounds of Hip Hop and RnB were much different than the sounds he was use to growing up in Haiti. Drawing heavy influences from artists like Pastor Troy, Tupac, Trick Daddy, and Nas, Dejwe’s passion for music and experimentation into diverse genres is what has made him stand out as an artist. Dejwe has grown into the songwriter, producer and artist that he is today. Dejwe continues to grow and never settles until a piece has its own personality. He says “My ability to take words and mold them, like silly putty, into catchy melodic hits is what makes me unique”. His songwriting abilities allow his listeners to feel the emotions of the song, whether it’s a banger or telling a story about someone who had their heart broken. Dejwe gives his listeners their release. 

“She Took It There” is a club banger and sensual new track from Dejwe and we can’t get enough. We get to experience Dejwe’s smooth R&B vocals that quickly explode into a seductive track about all sorts of women. Check out the music video for more visuals and a truly thrilling experience. Dejwe’s bars are precise and flawless as always. His foot is always on the gas with no signs of slowing down. I love the layers of rhythmic textures and the addicting hook. Dejwe creates relatable tracks for all of his fans to enjoy. The highlight of the track “She Took It There” is the trumpet musical break! The music video features all of Dejwe’s women playing the trumpet and vibing along. We love this track, I highly recommend you check it out along with the music video. Dejwe puts himself on the map in a big way and we can’t wait to see what he brings to the table next! 

Listen to “She Took It There” here and read more with Dejwe below!

Hi Dejwe, welcome back! What was your upbringing into music like? How did you get started?

Thank you, guys, for having me back! I grew up in a Haitian household where my dad would play Haitian music all day long. So, that style of music helped shape who I am now as a musician. The older I got, I started listening to Hip-Hop, Reggae, Pop, Alternative, and even Folk music. I tend to listen to music that would keep my interest…. I get bored quick LOL

Who are you music influences? How do they inspire your sound?

Artists like Nas, 2pac, Trick Daddy, Lil Wayne, The Lumineers and Panic! At the Disco just to name a few. If they can tell a story that paints a picture for me, then I’m all ears.

What sets “She Took It There” apart in the hip-hop music industry?

I always try to keep my audience in engaged. I think with the trumpet, the different sounds, melody, and storyline sets it apart from what you would typically hear in Hip-Hop. I am never afraid to try new sounds.

We love the track “She Took It There”, can you dive into more details about the lyrics? What was the writing process like?

Thank you! I wanted to keep my fans on their toes by switching it up a little. I basically wanted to tell a story about a guy chasing girl. She is interested but, at the same time she is a bit tease. LOL  

What’s next for Dejwe?

Releasing more music, building my fan base and staying consistent with my growth.


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