"Always Be There" By Lizzie Small Is A Song For The Top Of Your Playlist

Lizzy Small is a well rounded individual with multiple talents which including acting, dancing,

and of course music. Lizzy’s performance career started with her regular role on the tv series

HIP HOP Harry dancing on Discovery Kids/TLC along with roles in numerous commercials and

other roles. Moving on to her music career she co-wrote her song “Gravity” (links to soundcloud

and youtube will be below). Small’s abilities have led her to want to collaborate with top industry

professionals and while she is not pursuing a collaboration, she is always giving back to the


“Always Be There” has great production and has over 3 million plays on Soundcloud. She

has catchy beats and a nice flowing sound. The melody captures the listener in a hypnotizing

way with her smooth instrumental track. The song is radio ready and will definitely bring in the

listeners. The genre of this song is kind of up in the air and really up to the listener’s perspective

which makes this an interesting song itself. It could be considered a pop/alternative song hitting

on some accents of futuristic pop. “Always Be There” has a relatable subject matter in which after

a break up, that person will always be in the back of your head. This will be a song for your

playlist along with Lizzy’s other tracks, so make sure to check those out!

Connect with Lizzy on social media:

www.imdb.me/elizabethsmall www.instagram.com/lizzyyysmall www.facebook.com/officialelizabethsmall www.twitter.com/OfficialSmall www.soundcloud.com/officialsmall www.youtube.com/user/LizzySmall www.lizzysmall.bandcamp.com/