ALXSSVNDRO Drops New Freestyle

ALXSSVNDRO who is originally from Italy, has recently moved moved America to follow his dreams. ALXSSVNDRO started his music career at a very young age, writing his raps in Itailian, while idolizing the american hip hop scene. ALXSSVNDRO is experimenting with different musical concepts and mixing different genres and languages to create a unique work of art with his music.

ALXSSVNDRO has dropped his first hip hop freestyle 'Piccolino/Owsley' while working on new music in Miami. Our first impression of hearing Piccolino/Owsley is that ALXSSVNDRO is very swift on his feet with his lyricism, and his flow is contagious with his uniquely accented voice. ALXSSVNDRO released a official music video for his freestyle that features cool street art and cutting edge edits, that put the personality of the song in the music video. We cant wait to her what's next from ALXSSVNDRO. Piccolino/Owsley freestyle is now available on all platforms.

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