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ALYA Sinks Deep Into A Relationship's Struggles With "Crazy"

Enchanting listeners with her latest relatable, mesmerizing single is singer-songwriter and adventurous pop recording artist ALYA, expressing an overwhelming sense of love in "Crazy."

Born and raised in the Soviet Union, ALYA's love for music sparked at the tender age of 7. She beautifully combines sounds and elements of inspirational, pop, and dance music, creating a sound that's both unique and captivating. Praised for her ability to evoke raw emotions in listeners through her majestic musical styles, the Grammy Award-winning artist's latest single does just that.

In "Crazy," ALYA dives deep into a wildly catchy electropop song about the rock bottom of a relationship and how it makes us "Crazy" about the other person. She's also releasing an accompanying music video for the track, which sees the theme of overwhelming love, but a different kind of love - one from the perspective of a human's need for AI.

Hitting play on "Crazy," the experience opens on a soothing, comforting note with tender percussion and floating background pads for added emotion. As ALYA's soft vocals pour through the speakers, she expresses the pain, the exhaustion, the fear of losing someone special while navigating their tumultuous relationship.

Towards the hook, we're met with shimmering piano melodies alongside the soft electropop production to deepen the song's emotion even further. It's clear that ALYA's hurting, as hinted in her delicate performance that dances the line between heartbreak and undying passion.

It's an eye-opener (and ear-opener) that highlights the lengths people are willing to go in a relationship if it means coming out happy. But, sadly, that outcome is easier said than done.

Experience pure, unrivaled emotion and an electronic lullaby with ALYA's latest single, "Crazy," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

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