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Alyssa Dvm Strikes A Chord In A New Breakup Anthem, “What About Me?”

There's only so much bending over backward we can do for someone, and southern Ontario singer-songwriter Alyssa DVM knows that all too well, as told in her poignant new single, "What About Me?"

With a debut EP and multiple singles, Alyssa DVM is leaving her mark on the modern indie music scene and doing it meaningfully. She's quite the storyteller, and it shows through her conceptual lyrics. As she continues hosting safe spaces for women in music to help them embrace their spot in the industry, Alyssa DVM is proving herself as a new indie pop rock artist with something to say.

Her music is impactful, and "What About Me?" is no exception. Alyssa DVM dives deep into the fresh wounds of a recent breakup, knowing she deserved better. It's a dynamic single that kicks into gear with grit and emotion to perfectly convey Alyssa's gut-wrenching feelings while wishing to move onward and upward.

Hitting play on "What About Me?," the song softly opens with faint melancholy melodies and a subtle country twang, complimented by mid-tempo percussion and Alyssa DVM's rich vocals. While expressing her discomfort with knowing someone is taking advantage of her kindness and sincerity, the song gradually expands into this emotional cinematic experience that tugs on every heartstring.

But only once the song's bridge does Alyssa DVM up the energy and angst with exhilarating indie-rock instrumentals and her powerful vocals that command every ounce of our attention. While the song's first half dealt with the emotional aspects of a breakup, Alyssa DVM unleashes the wrath on the killer outro for a truly well-rounded listening experience. It's the perfect power-packed ending to such a dynamic piece.

Do yourself a favor and feed the soul with a new single that hits all the right places. Find Alyssa DVM's "What About Me?" on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to Buzz, Alyssa DVM! We love the dynamic range of emotion captured in your recent single, "What About Me?" What experiences inspired you to write such a cathartic single?

Thank you for having me! Thank you so much for the love on this song. The funny thing about "What About Me?" is that I actually wrote it over a year ago, but I am currently going through a situation right now, where the song is reflecting my life perfectly. It comes from a place of love and being hurt in love. I am a very emotional and loving person, I love with every piece of my heart. And this song was born out of the idea that I can love all I want, but that doesn't mean people return that feeling or effort.

How does "What About Me?" stand out from the rest of your discography? What makes this song special and unique to you?

"What About Me?" stands out with its Western-style guitar for sure. That's the first thing that people tend to notice that stands against my pop-rock discography. I wanted this song to be a slow build-up all the way through. The song structure isn't a typical verse-chorus. I added something I call a "post-chorus" to really incorporate the build. It's a place where the melody changes, and I sing a little faster. Which gives that section of the song a sense of urgency. Compared to the rest of my songs, this song truly is a slow burn.

What was your goal in terms of the instrumental vibe and atmosphere in "What About Me?" What feelings or sensations did you want to give listeners?

Everything we recorded for it; the instrumental, the vocal, the melody change at the end is all in the effort to have a huge buildup throughout the track and to have a huge chorus near the end of the track. To me, it resembles a frustration that builds up over time, whether you realize it or not. But what comes up, must come down. And the last line being sung softer really showcases the sadness behind the build, the frustration. This song is emotional, this song holds a lot of anger and sadness. I hope that if anyone is experiencing what I am, that this track proves you are not alone.

What was your favorite part about writing and creating "What About Me?" What did you enjoy most about the process?

I love just being able to tell a story. This song was definitely a weird one for me to write, because at the time, I actually had no idea what it meant. My other songs all have extremely specific stories or experiences attached to them at the exact time I write them. But with "What About Me?" I actually didn't realize what I was writing about, until a year later. Every lyric is extremely specific to an experience I'm currently dealing with. I knew my intuition was good, but I didn't know it was that good! My favorite part about this song's process was discovering the story and realizing the meaning. It challenged me and I really love that about the song's lyrical content.

On a more personal note, could you elaborate on your efforts in hosting safe spaces for women in music? Are there any initiatives you'd like to speak on?

I am always trying to host shows that include women. I've hosted in cities such as Waterloo, Hamilton, and Toronto, Ontario. It's a dream of mine to have the music industry be a safe space for women to excel and create beautiful things. I really applaud Amplify Her Voice and Women In Music Canada. They are actively educating people about the reality of the male-dominated space that is the music industry and hosting plenty of events that honor and feature women in music. They post some really excellent content about the stats of the industry, and I think it's super cool.

I also want to thank BUZZ for posting about independent women in music, my heart goes out to you guys!


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