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AM Dandy’s Song “Piccola Peste” Lets You Travel in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Guitarist/composer AM Dandy releases his eclectic mix of melodies with his recent track "Piccola Peste." Born in Mondovi, Italy, AM Dandy always gravitated towards music, where at the age of nine, he found himself playing guitar, piano, and cello. After moving to Boston and graduating from Berklee College of Music, AM Dandy indeed found his unique sound to thrive off of. With his recent release "Piccola Peste," AM Dandy crafts pure melodic production overtop his broad-ranging sound of the electric guitar. From elements of timeless rock ’n roll to tying in Italian percussion techniques, AM Dandy brings a broad and ear-pleasing sound with this song.

Kicking off with bright electric guitar strumming, "Piccola Peste" gradually grows in instrumentation and energy. With subtle pads that even out the harmonious atmosphere, AM Dandy's textured electric guitar tells many different stories from different walks of life. He brings in nostalgic melodies and picking techniques that take us back to Woodstock of '69, yet adds his own cultural hints by changing up the rhythm to serve something more peaceful and calming. AM Dandy ranges from blistering riffs and sultry melodies into bright and cheerful aspects through his limitless guitar playing. Composing a song with the heart's purity, AM Dandy's "Piccola Peste" shines as a bright light during these dull days.

Be sure to listen to "Piccola Peste" here.

HeyAM Dandy, welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re captivated by your track “Piccola Peste” and your ability to incorporate different melodies and rhythms. Did you have some sort of inspiration before getting down to creating the track?

Hello guys! Nice to be back! Yes, this tune, exactly like the other two in the EP, is a love song. The inspiration comes from the love story with my partner Eva, while musically I wanted to create something more "raw", especially for the guitar sound. Something less complicated and more direct. A bit more "old school". I arranged everything with the goal of creating something really full of pathos, because the meaning behind the song is really important. I really have to thank Stif Lo, Jason Park and Pedro Lobato for really trying to understand and applying to their playing the specific vibe I was deeply looking for. I am extremely satisfied with the result. A big thank also to Ricky Bonazza for the mix and the master. Within the song “Piccola Peste”, AM Dandy brings in different tempos and melodies that serve unique stories. Did you have a storyline when writing “Piccola Peste”, or was it more of a jam session? Well, the song has a detailed storyline, every section describes a precise characteristic of my partner, but for example the guitar lines are the result of jam sessions on a previously established harmony and structure. Let's say I was "fishing", looking for the right "words".  Seeing as your song “Piccola Peste” is off a 3-track EP “Ἔραμαι”, could AM Dandy elaborate on how “Piccola Peste” ties in with the EP, and why you chose it as the intro track? I think it was the perfect intro for the EP. In terms of structure it is the most organized one out of the three and it has a "ring composition", which is something that I really like to do and to hear in a track. "Petite Parisienne" is amazing, but is a bit more unpredictable, and "Chemical Lover" is a cover, completely rearranged (the original, by Andy Gee, is a Guitar and Voice Solo) but still a cover.  We’ve heard that AM Dandy graduated from Berklee College of Music with many notable mentors. How have these inspirations/mentors made an impact on your music, and how did they help you define your sound? Definitely they had a remarkable influence on me. But more in general than specifically regarding this EP. I would say you will be able to really feel that on the studio album of AM Dandy & the Elements, that we are actually mixing. There is for example even a tune dedicated to one of my first mentors at Berklee, Mick Goodrick, called "Mighty Mick". But all the new compositions are also partially the synthesis of my Berklee experience, where I had the honour to learn from some of the greatest guitarists today such as Tim Miller, Bobby Stanton, David Tronzo, Jim Kelly, Joe Stump, and many others.  What can we expect from you throughout 2020? I started with a single titled "I Couldn't" and this EP, both on all the streaming platforms, but since the delicate moment is forbidding us to play shows we've spent quite a lot in the studio, recording new material. Soon we will release a Live Album we recorded at the Red Room in Boston, our last show at Berklee; the single "Walking on Clouds"; the studio album with AM Dandy & the Elements and the debut album with the Thunderpets; but there are at least other three or four singles I will release along this year, with some very cool guests. So stay tuned! And keep an eye on and amdandymusic on Instagram to never miss even a thing



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