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Amaka Queenette Captures Vulnerable Emotions With Her Two Part Single “Fleeting, Inconsequential”

Hailing from Pickering, Ontario, Nigerian-born artist Amaka Queenette releases her two-part single "Fleeting, Inconsequential" consisting of both parts "Suffocate" and "Ceilings."

Amaka Queenette's music is said to remind you that melancholy, and contentment come from the same place, incorporating nostalgic elements that let us resonate with the old and the new.

Named one of NOW Magazine's "Ones to Watch" this year, she captures our attention once again with "Fleeting, Inconsequential". Both parts "Suffocate" and "Ceilings" bring a soulful and heartfelt R&B vibe, but together they create a force that can steer our emotions. Moving gracefully from one part to the next, altogether, it serves as one ethereal and cohesive song. As "Fleeting, Inconsequential" begins with the first part "Suffocate", Amaka Queenette's vocals start with heavenly stylings and serene melisma. As the production takes a celestial and transcending turn, it then breaks down into a soft and sensual beat with added bass guitar and layered drum patterns. She is singing relatable lyrics of still wanting someone, even though she really doesn't want to. Uniquely moving into the second part of "Fleeting, Inconsequential" being "Ceilings," Amaka Queenette sings such clear and pure-hearted lyrics about grieving and moving forward. Taking an incredibly peaceful turn, the production swells to reverbed snares and filtered electric/acoustic guitar strings.

Singing that she feels infinite, her message of finding peace within madness stands profoundly clear. "Fleeting, Inconsequential" is all in all a beautiful project to experience, and we definitely haven't seen the last of Amaka Queenette.

You can listen to "Fleeting, Inconsequential" here.


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