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Amanda Dean Makes Listeners Feel Empowered in Single, "Wolf"

Heartfelt Vancouver-based artist Amanda Dean is here to show off her latest single, "Wolf". As a singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, you can best believe that Amanda Dean submerges herself entirely into her music. The result absolutely encapsulates a surplus of elements, such as pure emotionality, as well as vividly expressive soundscapes. Another element to Amanda Dean that we feel almost overwhelmed with (in a good way, of course) is her ability to create various contrasting songs. She isn't prone to sticking to one type of genre, which is what brings such a concrete source of excitement for listeners. "Wolf" is the latest single that really brought more of an intensified performance from Amanda Dean, which ultimately impressed us, to say the very least.

"Wolf" unravels itself with a striking electric guitar solo, setting the overall mood of the track. Once Amanda Dean integrates her vocal sound, you'll initially feel the track coming to a softer ambiance, but that will quickly dissipate with the way the rest of the track executes itself. Amanda Dean proves her rich and powerful vocal sound to be true, and she's able to intensify the sound in such an authentic way. You can tell that "Wolf" has an empowering message for listeners, as Amanda Dean shares her thoughts and ideologies on achieving anything one desires. All in all, Amanda Dean seems soft-spoken, but we can guarantee that isn't the case. She'll strike you with her bombastic character, and she easily makes "Wolf" feel fiercely sharp. 

Discover the range of Amanda Dean in "Wolf" here

Welcome, Amanda Dean! With the recent release of "Wolf", you must feel incredibly relieved with how the song ended up sounding, especially with how well you displayed your vocal range. What was the most exciting part of constructing "Wolf" for you personally? 

"Wolf" was the very first song we recorded for my forthcoming album, "Rise Like A Phoenix", so naturally, the whole process was very exciting. It has always been my dream to record an album of original songs, after being involved in the music industry as a live performer and session vocalist since I was twelve years old. I asked a good friend of mine, Shawn Soucy (who is an amazing drummer here in Vancouver, he used to be part of a Canadian band called "Alibi", who had a number one release here in Canada and a top twenty on the Billboard charts as well as touring extensively in North America back in the '80s) to help me with the project. I had worked with Shawn many times before for various live performances around the city. This was the first time I had recorded with him and it went very well, in addition to being a ton of fun!  He engineered the session and we both co-produced the song. Of course, he also played drums, and we asked another friend of ours, pro player George Wolf, to play bass (His last name is simply a fun coincidence!). So the whole thing is just me on vocals and electric guitar, Shawn on drums and George on bass. The guys did a killer job! The most exciting part for me was hearing it all come together and actually sounding the way it did in my head. I think we definitely achieved that. I had so much fun layering the vocals and guitars and letting the guys do what they do best and bring their unique talents to the song.

"Wolf" brought a more gradual intensified sound, effectively building up the energy it emulated onto us as listeners. Was there a varied approach you took when creating "Wolf", or did you find yourself sticking to a ritualized routine with how you typically create your music? Actually, the creation of it was somewhat different to the other songs we have written and recorded. This wasn't a co-write. I usually co-write and love to have others' input and creativity, but "Wolf" was written entirely by myself, which is rare. This one came very easily and seemed to flow through me...I usually have a harder time with lyrics. Another thing is, I initially heard it as an acoustic song...more in the vein of "Stairway To Heaven" by Led Zeppelin. I wrote it on acoustic guitar. I had the whole song written and when the time came to produce it, I thought to myself "this has to rock". So electric guitar it was, which is one of my biggest passions. I then got very experimental with the sounds I used. It sounds like I used synthesizers on it, but it was all done on guitar, using some ethereal-sounding guitar patches in the verses, along with the heavily overdriven rhythm and lead guitars. The rhythm section is the glue that holds it all together and finally, I knew I wanted to go big and spacey with the vocals. I wanted to convey a lot of power in the production, to drive home the lyrical message. A few people have said that it reminds them a little of something by the rock band "Heart" and although that wasn't my intention, I am completely honored to hear that some people draw a comparison. I am a big fan of Heart. Although the takeaway message of "Wolf" seemed quite apparent, are you able to share with our readers on how the song specifically made you feel, and what the lyrics meant to you?  I think this is a song that is a sign of the times. It is not about anyone specifically, it is taking a look at the state of humanity and how divided we have become. Especially with all that is going on in the world right now. I wanted to touch on the subjects of equality, racism, homophobia and current issues that are dividing people. That's especially apparent in the lines "Equal rights, equal nations, a world where everyone's free. Regardless of race, gender, orientation, peace, and love victory". I am very passionate about accepting people for the kind of souls they are and how they treat others...nothing else matters to me....we are all equal in this world. As artists and songwriters, we get an amazing opportunity to express what we want to say to the world and use it to bring some good into the world and hopefully influence others in a positive way.  I used the subject of wolves because obviously wolves stick together in packs, Their leader (and strongest pack member) is situated at the back of the pack, not the front, and looks out for everyone else. I think it makes for good imagery in a rock song and is a good analogy for how we can stick together and become stronger as a society. Where would you say you're planning on taking your heartfelt sound next?! Are there any components you've been wanting to blend in with your current sound?  So far, I have kept things pretty organic regarding instrumentation. We have real strings on the album. We're about to record a horn section for a few of the songs and a choir for the title track "Rise Like A Phoenix', once the COVID-19 crisis is under control. I am obsessed with music production and how songs are constructed. I wouldn't rule out an electronic approach to a song or two though, as long as it is in keeping with the rest of the album. My main focus is to have a varied sound, all the while keeping it cohesive enough to sound like a complete body of work. I might have a duet on there with someone well known too, but no one knows about that yet and it isn't 100% confirmed so I can't disclose who it might be. If that happens, it is going to be VERY exciting! What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020? Good question, it's all depending on the current pandemic and how soon we can get things under control. It has definitely delayed the release of the album, but I don't mind, people's health and safety is far more important. I would definitely like to tour when this is all over. Right now, I am focusing on making the best album I can, one we can be proud of. I would also like to produce other artists in the future. 

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