Amanda Dean Plays With Our Hearts in New Release “Again”

From Vancouver, British Columbia - we are blessed to hear the amazingly talented singer/ songwriter Amanda Dean with her new song “Again”

Capturing emotion is a big part of songwriting and today with Amanda Dean’s “Again”, we are graced with thoughtful vocal performance. Amanda is an established songwriter and she showcases that from the very beginning of this track with such a captivating intro. Accompanied by a wave riding guitar lead, you can’t help but feel inspired by "Again". The chorus is an easy sing-along, but very well written, and highlights the wisdom she's capable of emulating throughout her writing. We have to note Amanda’s vocal performance again in the track, as the second verse takes "Again" to another level. You intrinsically hear Amanda's potential in the first half of the song, but once this second part hits, you'll be ultimately charmed and captivated by her natural artistry. “You are the song I want to play over and over again”, we feel the same, Amanda! The song then rips into a heart-wrenching guitar solo on top of her belting vocals and if you don’t feel any goosebumps, then I would have to applaud you. The song closes in a massive way and cement’s that true artistic ability on Amanda's end. You may catch Amanda Dean singing the national anthem at your next major spots game, but you should also keep up to date with her as her music is completely amazing. We are excited for more!

Check out Amanda Dean and her soundings here.


Being from Vancouver, British Columbia, what have been some of the cultural influences on your music?

Like so many people in Canada, I'm actually a transplant - I was born in England, in the West Midlands (where Led Zeppelin is from, my mom, who was a huge music lover, actually dated Robert Plant when they were both 18). That's interesting and very cool to me because Robert is one of my favourite male rock vocalists ever and Jimmy Page is one of my guitar heroes.

I feel I was always meant to be North American though, I love the West Coast and feel like I was always meant to live by the ocean, which I now do! 

As far as cultural influences on my music...I love West coast rock, and a lot of bands that came from LA and in Vancouver we claim Bryan Adams, who I love, and I'm a big fan of the rock band Heart, who is from Seattle but first found success here in Vancouver. I have a couple of friends who are First Nations artists and they are awesome..and we have a strong blues community here in Vancouver, which I have been a part of for years. My original music definitely leans more towards rock and pop with an R&B influence, though.

We are aware that you have sung the national anthem at major sporting events! How have these opportunities come about, and how do they make you feel once you perform in stadiums?  

I have sung the Canadian and American National Anthems at games for the Vancouver Canucks (NHL), BC Lions (CFL) and Vancouver Whitecaps FC. I did the BC Lions game first. I contacted them and they arranged an audition - then I got to sing at a game. Singing for the Vancouver Canucks came about in a slightly different way. There was a competition called "Rock The Rog" ("Rog" for Rogers' Arena) where the winner would get to perform the Anthems at a game.  I entered, but I didn't win and thought "oh well". But one day, I received an email from the Canucks. They liked my performance so much that they asked me to sing for them that following week. It was one of the best moments of my career and I have done it a few times since then. There's nothing like having all those sports fans singing along with you!

Besides singing the national anthem at major sporting events, what have been some of the funniest moments in your career so far?

I used to perform in some "questionable" venues at the start of my career - which I guess you could say is funny. We had a dog pee up the keyboard stand once. Another time there was a bar fight at a place I was playing and one guy drew his hand back ready to throw a punch, but he was so intoxicated he just fell back onto the floor and it was pure comedy gold! I could hardly sing for laughing.  Luckily he didn't hit his head or hurt himself or the other guy - that wouldn't have been funny at all. 

Recently, (this isn't a funny moment, but it is a very proud moment) I got to sing with TOTO in Philadelphia. I love TOTO - they really are some of the best musicians in the world. Steve Lukather is my biggest guitar hero and he's the reason I play guitar. That was probably the best moment of my career so far.

Where did the inspiration for “again“ come from? 

I co-wrote "Again" with my friend and songwriter Lillooet Fox. All my songs are from personal experience and I do write some lyrics, but I mostly write music and Lillooet is a fantastic lyricist. We joke that she's the Bernie (Taupin) to my Elton (John), hahaha! She'll often listen to me talk about whatever is on my mind (sometimes it's a bit like a therapy session) and from that, we'll get some good song ideas. We make a good team and have lots of fun. We both love cooking and have both worked as hairdressers on film and TV sets.

Lastly, when do you plan on releasing new music in the new year? 

My album "Rise Like A Phoenix" is tentatively slated for release in spring 2020.