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Amanda Sum Shares A Tune For The “Awkward Bodies”

Hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia, singer-songwriter and versatile alternative-pop artist Amanda Sum shares a soulful anthem for what modern society has become with "Awkward Bodies."

Amanda Sum is a natural-born performer and creator who dances between theater and indie-pop, jazz, and alternative-folk music. She's been featured on CBC Radio and had the chance to perform at the TD International Jazz Festival in 2021.

With each piece, Sum uses an all-female production and engineering team and features an all-Asian band, coinciding with her mission to champion under-represented artists.

She's expected to release her debut full-length record, New Age Attitudes, this fall. Until then, we can feast our ears on her latest single, the jazzy and ear-pleasing "Awkard Bodies."

The new single opens like a ray of sunshine through jazzy, r&b keys and Amanda Sum's delicate scatting that sends us into a daydream. As the soothing drums kick in, Sum shares her angelic vocals while singing of how expressive we are over our phones but how difficult that can be in real life, thanks to our "Awkward Bodies."

Amanda Sum doesn't hate on what society has become; she pokes fun at the situation and sings relatable lyrics like "wearing street-smart uniforms to show we've got it together...I've got it together." There are a few jazzy twists and turns on the song's bridge that leaves us swaying with the breezy instrumentals and Amanda Sum's lush vocals.

She passionately sends us to the outro while reminding us that it's okay that we humans have become more awkward than ever; now, we can own it. Find Amanda Sum's new single, "Awkward Bodies," on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Amanda Sum. We truly appreciate such a relatable anthem for our times like "Awkward Bodies." What inspired you to write about our current state of awkwardness?

So glad you can relate! This song is inspired by those moments when you put on a certain social mask or facade in order to present yourself in the best light. I was thinking a lot about what things I do in order to fit in, look smart, or get by. Sometimes it’s at work, and I don’t know a certain term someone is talking about, so I note it down to look up later out of fear of looking silly if I ask at the moment, or sometimes it’s indulging in my Special Skills section of my resume to give a higher chance of looking good on paper. Am I actually proficient in Microsoft Excel? Not really. I think it comes in many forms, this “fake it till you make it” attitude. With this song, I wanted to acknowledge how we’re all just awkward little bodies flailing around trying to get by. Who really knows what they’re doing?

What was your experience writing the relatable and honest lyrics for "Awkward Bodies?" Did you write your lyrics entirely solo? I wrote this song early in the pandemic, alone in my room! So much of the album came from that place. The initial starting point for this song was the lyrics “we talk in bold, we talk in italics”, and then it went from there. This song flowed fairly naturally; I like when I can giggle at my own words, and this song allowed lots of that. What do you hope the listener realizes or considers after experiencing "Awkward Bodies"? I hope that as much as people can forgive their own awkwardness, they can also push that feeling outwards and make room for other people who may be showing that they have it all together and who very well may not. Should we expect to hear "Awkward Bodies" on your upcoming debut album, New Age Attitudes? Can you drop any hints about the new record? Yes!! This song will be on the album. The song comes with a music video that may or may not involve a life-sized dim sum. Hints about the record: 13 songs! And jade green vinyl! What's next for you? Right now, we are getting all the pieces together for the album release and its accompanying release show in September. That will all be announced on Instagram @amanduhsum and my website Till then, just wandering through the days in this awkward body.


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