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Amber Doss Empowers Her Listeners With “Come Up”

A multi-talented singer, songwriter, producer, and composer with a broad and colorful vocal range, Amber Doss is an artist who has it all. Amber Doss released her single titled “Come Up” and we were blown away! This electrifying single was not only empowering but it was groovy and produced a certain amount of energy you can’t help but soak in. Amber Doss has a special vocal articulation that takes this single into multiple heights and measures. “Come Up” gets you amplified with it’s motivating lyrics. “This is the come up of the underdog”. “It’s not a comeback, it’s a come up, and you can’t tell me, that I’m not good enough”. These lyrics make you feel unstoppable. The power behind the delivery and the sass in the tone gives off this fiery element of rebellion and confidence. Amber Doss is an artist who can weave between the pop & R&B market effortlessly. The production of “Come Up” showed components of classic synths (Something you’ll hear in a Stranger Things introduction), alongside your rooted pop melodies and a funky groove to the beat. “Come Up” Is a hit record and nice offering from this versatile artist.

Listen to "Come Up" here and read more with Amber Doss in our exclusive interview below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Amber Doss! Knowing you graduated from the University of  Illinois with your Bachelors's in music, how has your educational background in the field of music been used to your benefit for your career now?

Well, I definitely think it has helped mainly when it comes to composing and production.  In music theory classes, a lot of time is spent on chord progressions and hearing what different instruments are doing in each section of a piece. I think a lot of that influences my writing when adding instruments to a song. I like to give each instrument a voice, as if all of the vocal parts and instruments are having a conversation with each other. I think because of that, my music has a different sound to what you may hear on radio, but I also aim to keep the listener intrigued.

Who would you consider some of your direct influences for your style of music and why?

My style is all over the place! Lol. I like a lot of different genres.  It definitely depends on the song and style that I’m singing. I would say a lot of my writing and production influences come from Claude Debussy and Pharrell. I find myself writing songs with a hint of classical and theatrical elements and a lot of hip hop beats, bass and drums.

Let’s talk about “Come Up”. this song was a hit! The lyrics were extremely inspiring and empowering, what motivated you to write this song? What does “Come Up” mean to you?

Like any artist, I have been criticized for my talent. It’s either “you’re too theaterish, too classical, too soft, too loud, too big, too short, too this, too that, you don’t do vocal runs well, etc.” It can really be a blow to your confidence. I've struggled with that and there was a point where I took a break from making music to get myself physically and mentally together.  Eventually, I came to the conclusion to just do what I want when it comes to music and to define my career and my life for myself.  Come Up was one of the first songs I wrote after that short hiatus.

Come Up to me is basically telling the naysayers nothing you can say or do will stop me from going after my dreams or succeeding. I don’t fail, and I don’t quit.  I only get better. “It’s not a come back, it’s a come up.”

Were there any challenges faced in the creation of this single?

Not really.  I feel like I had a good amount of time to think when I took a break, so when I ended up writing the song, the lyrics and music just flowed.  

How would you describe the production behind “Come Up” we noticed some classic synths that we enjoyed!

I love utilizing a good synth or two.  LOL!  I'm glad you guys liked it! I'm also a fan of hip hop.  I'm not a rapper at all, so I felt like writing something that could be heard in hip hop but delivered in a way that felt comfortable for me (R&B/pop).  I would love to hear a hip hop artist rhyme over this song though.

What’s next for you Amber Doss?

Well, I'm currently working on my second EP and pretty much just open to anything that is music and performance based.  We'll see what the future holds.  


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