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Ambition and Drive Have Marley Sosa Always Wanting “More”

Rappers can be a dime a dozen but in a current trend of cardboard copy artists there’s only one Marley Sosa. Hailing all the way from Raleigh, North Carolina, Marley Sosa represents the streets and the underdogs. Making music for over 15 years, Marley and his brother have been taking things serious for about 2-3 years now. Marley's brother, Bank, created Cream Clothing LLC and Marley himself has taken the reigns on the music side of things. He represents the process and is here to show his listeners what happens when you truly realize your passion and aspirations.

Released early this year, BuzzMusic presents Marley Sosa’s “More”. This song perfectly highlights the neverending ambition of Marley Sosa and the entire Cream Boy Family project. “More” shows off his insatiable rhyming skills manifested into a prominent career in the music industry. “More” has a dark and haunting Rap/Trap beat fitting to Marley Sosa’s overall aesthetic. It’s hard hitting, edgy, current, and all around a hardcore dope beat. Prolific rhyme slinger, Marley Sosa spits addicting bar after bar of facts. “I need more ends, less friends, friends turn foe” is a spectacular lyric. Marley Sosa is a talented rapper/song writer and his artistry and grit shines through in “More”. It leaves fan wanting “MORE” and we can;t wait to see what he delivers next! “More” is equipped with a hot music video that features Cream Clothing to match the tracks dope sound.

Listen to “More” here and check out our exclusive interview with Marley Sosa below.

Hi Marley! Can you start by telling our readers a bit about yourself?

Well I’m 28, born in Raleigh, NC(which we’ve coined “North Creamolina). I was raised up & down the East Coast from NC to Fl to the DMV.  I give credit to growing up in those different cultures as to where my sound comes from. I’ve been making music since the 6th grade. Writing & learning how to format a song & generally developing my sound. I’ve experienced everything a young black man in America can experience just to keep it short single parent, low income, homeless, incarceration & made it through every situation. I was the first of my siblings to graduate high school & barely made it to that point getting locked up right after I walked across that stage but we here now & 2 years ago my brother took the initiative to start the Cream Clothing LLC to solidify the brand as I took the reigns on the music side. I’m the Voice of the streets-the voice of the struggle & throughout this journey we on the world will hear my story-Our story.

Can you give us a brief history of your music career?

Well all 2018 I was in my “Jacking for Beats” faze because I was getting to the point where I was ready to take things serious to the next level/investing/releasing music for profit. So my brother & sat down to put a plan together for 2019. At the beginning of the year we dropped the visuals for my single “MORE”.  My song has been in rotation on K97.5 in Raleigh since then.  In the process of trying to tap in with the local people on the music scene we decided it may be best to take show on the road. Performed at one of T.I.’s open mics & won down in Atlanta. Since then been building relationships with everyone from Maino to DJ Holiday both of whom gave me their nod of approval. Numerous blog features & interviews but right now we’re invested in “MORE” it’s a platinum record. We just have to push it properly. Everything prior to 2018 was me working on myself, learnin

We’re really into your song “More”! Can you tell us a bit about it?

You know what’s crazy I don’t even remember how I locked in with the producer, I think it was off a IG post. A young super producer down in Orlando by the name Coolie Bambo. He sent me a link to his site. I started surfing around & heard that one. Once I heard it the first thought came to my head was “I Need More”.  Took me bout a hour or so to write it & get it put together. But once I had it done I immediately knew it was a banger. I told Coolie I said “Aye bro! We got one. Just gotta Push it properly & we both gone have plaques on the wall. At that time I was working on a ton of music but I had to make a decision on a debut single. My team & I felt that was the one. It’s a very diverse track. Very radio friendly & appeals to all ages & demographics. So we dropped that one & haven’t stopped working since.

What's your writing process like? Lyrics or music first?

Well I hate to sound cliche but kind of both just depends on where I’m at. I’m a road runner do most of my time is spent in the car. I have 4 kids so it’s kind of hard to write sitting at home. More times than not I’ll be formulating ideas depending on my vibe might come up with a few bars, then hear a beat & can fully put together my concept. I never really been a freestyle artist but major salute to those that are. I feel this is my art so I like to take my time & put together a song that you can visualize. So if I’m locked in a session & my producer shooting beats I’ll write as I hear em. Never like to rush so I may write a full song & come back to it, maybe rewrite some things just to make sure that final product is pure as can be.

Who are your top three musical influences?

Great question but hands down my favorite artist for a little over a decade is “Tha Great” Nipseyhussle Hussle S.I.P.  I was in high school & heard his track “Hussle in the House” then I seen the Visual & been hooked every since. I always had love for that west coast sound but Nip, bro was on a whole different level & I been tapped in since to every move. Second would be 2Pac. Even more than music I loved what he represented. When he spoke the world listened, I know that the mic is a powerful tool & he was one artist that used it correctly. He molded a generation of not only rappers but black men in general. Lastly would be Bob Marley. I’ve been listening to Bob since I was knee high. That’s where my love of music came from. His sound, his passion, his pride. He made music for a culture, he was a man that stood for something but wouldn’t fall for anything & you can do nothing but respect that. Hints the name, Family been calling me Marley for as long as I can remember because I wanted to be just like Bob, a hero, a legend, an icon.

Thanks for your time.


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