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Ambria Elàn Learns to Embrace the Moments that Shape You

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Ambria Elàn has honed in on using songwriting as a way of communicating her most honest, inner thoughts.

Originally from a small town, she uses her small-town charm to transmute the feeling of wanting more. With candid lyricism and a voice that’s to be recognized, Ambria Elàn continues to make herself known in the music industry.

As we lock ourselves into her latest EP release of ‘Loner,’ we fixate upon the atmospheric essence of her single, “I’m Trying to Find God Everywhere.” Holding a powerful stature in the moody realm of impactful melodies, the third and final track on this project stirs up a series of emotions through a bolstered performance.

In the insightful lyrical motifs that Ambria Elàn graciously offers up, we hear her stark timbres shed harmonious light on the narrative she illuminates. The slow to mid-tempo of “I’m Trying to Find God Everywhere,” dips between an almost ethereal force field of vulnerability as she authentically pours a specific type of passion that is laced with lost hop and questioning faith.

Ambria Elàn’s undeniable croons cascade in the pond of words such as, ‘I’m trying to find God everywhere, and even when I look he’s not even there.’ Through this, we find it easy to place ourselves in her shoes through the sense of not only trying to spiritually align the signs in our lives but to pose certain questions in a way that ushers you into knowing there’s a greater purpose within it all.

Provoking thought into her audience, the authentic showcase of Ambria Elàn’s grippingly raw emotion allows the strength within the connections she creates to flourish into a connection of trust, and we have to say; that’s what we love most about this emerging artist.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Ambria Elàn. There is such a profound beauty that makes itself known in “I’m Trying to Find God Everywhere.” Was there a particular moment or story that shaped the intimate quintessence of this song?

Thank you for having me! I was 18 years old when I wrote this song and I had just moved to Los Angeles, having come from a small town. Everything around me felt so big. I wanted so desperately to believe in something because I felt myself getting lost. I feel longing really intensely. I’m Trying To Find God Everywhere is me trying to reconnect with the child I once was before I felt jaded.

How does this song compare to the other tracks heard on your EP, ‘Loner?' What is the concept heard within this project?

I’m Trying To Find God Everywhere is much more fluid than the other tracks on my EP. Sonically, it makes you feel like you’re in a field looking up at the sky, wondering how the sky was created. The concept of this song is very much me falling in and out of faith and trying to find a balance. It’s the concept of looking for something to believe in. I think when you can give your fears to someone or something otherworldly, it takes the pressure off of trying to be a fit human or trying to fit into a mold of what’s deemed good and perfect.

When bringing this song to life, did you find yourself carrying a different mindset than you are in this present moment? Could you please explain?

I listen back to this song and it’s a relief to me because I don’t feel the way I felt when I wrote it anymore. I don’t question why things are the way that they are. I have trust now, and I didn’t have much trust before. I’m much more confident in my capabilities and what I can amount to. This song sort of gave me a breakthrough that I didn’t know would happen.

What is your mission statement as an artist?

My mission as an artist is to be brutally honest. I find it my duty to grab handfuls from my life and create, even if it feels really draining or painful. I want to make people feel seen.

What's next for you?

I’ve been writing music that I’m super proud of. Connecting with my adolescence and bringing it into my young adult life. You’ll be hearing more from me. I have so much to say. I am so grateful I have music to be able to communicate through.


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