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Americana Band Out of Denver Colorado Make a Big Impact With New Single “Hard Times”

Verses The Inevitable are bringing back a sound we used to be quite familiar with. Neo-soul and rock-blues are some heavy sounds we’re hearing in this bands music. The band consists of Daniel Hertel (Vocals/Guitar), Mad Dog Friedman (Harmonica), Taylor Biskup (Lead Guitar), Matt Certosimo (Bass), Michael Mckee (Drums), Will Snyder (Keys), and Madalynn Rose (Vocals). A combination of many various aspects of music in order to curate a sound that is not easy to master, but they’ve proven that they have the capability and skill to accomplish it. 

A sultry sound for sure in the jazz-rooted single “Hard Times” recently released by “Verses The Inevitable”. Once I began listening to this single, I knew for sure right away that there was a more mature sound behind the production. In specific, Madalynn’s vocals give us a reminiscent feeling of Amy Winehouse’s lustrous vocals. The song is crafted beautifully, with the various prominent and diverse sounds throughout we hear, such as the harmonica, and keys added for the hard-hitting melodies. We get a layered experience while listening to “Hard Times” beginning with the comfortable feel of jazz, slowly immersing into piercing and rich vocals, and then continuing on with a mellow and old-school sound we miss hearing nowadays. I loved how unique this style of music is in todays day and age, and the fact that it’s making a huge comeback—looks like Verses The Inevitable is releasing new music at the perfect time in history. 

Listen to "Hard Times" here and get to know more about Verses The Inevitable

Hello everyone! Tell our readers a fun fact about your band!

Hey friends my name is Daniel Hertel and I am the frontman for the band Verses The Inevitable a neo soul americana band out of Denver, Colorado. A fun fact about our band is that I not only wear overalls on stage but I wear them 92% of the time in real life. I also will not allow the band to rehearse unless everyone is wearing overalls.

Do you ever find the curation process of your music difficult with so many band members?

It can be tricky but I think having clearly defined roles and respect for one another's opinions in rehearsals and in the studio helps a lot. The usual process is that I write songs or write songs with Wil and when we have an album worth of material we go into the studio. I have a pretty clear idea going into the studio of what I want the record to sound like. I am always open to suggestions from the rest of the band both in the studio and in rehearsals. Most of the time we have recorded the songs in the studio before we play them live which allows us to have a really clear idea of what we are trying to accomplish on stage. I think respecting everyone's opinions and suggestions and weaving that into the final vision of the song is what allows us to maximize the creativity and talent of everyone in the band.

How did you envision “Hard Times” at first?

Hard Times came out of a break between songs in a rehearsal one night. Wil was fooling around with a progression he wrote and all of a sudden out of the blue the band had a really sweet groove going. I had written a poem about big pharma and the opiate epidemic and had it with me at the practice. I started just fooling around with the vocal melody and before the rehearsal was over we had the rough outline of what became the song Hard Times. The song is really an examination of who the real drug dealers are in this country and questioning the difference between drugs sold at the pharmacy and those available on the street corner. I think everyone in the United States knows someone close to them who has fallen into the dangerous cycle of opiate addiction. I think this song is seeking an answer to the question, "Who are the dealers?"

We love the types of rhythms and sounds you’re able to compose, tell us a bit more about how you all came together to form “Verses The Inevitable” 

I started Verses The Inevitable in 2015 with the recording of a live trio set EP that was recorded in my friends living room. The EP was self titled and featured Mad Dog Friedman who plays in my opinion the best blues harp in Colorado. We started to book gigs in Denver and I decided to record a studio LP called All Debts Paid in 2016. I met Maddy Rose (vocalist) our amazing co-lead singer through a guitar player who was featured on that first record, and immediately realized that our voices sounded really amazing together. The addition of Wil Snyder on the keys in 2017 has been influential not just with his composition skills in song writing but as a theory aficionado has been able to push us into really genre bending realms. Michael Mckee our drummer was my studio drummer on the sophomore record Grit & Grace and his creativity in the studio and in rehearsals has added a whole new dynamic to the group. Matt Certosimo started playing bass for us in 2018 and is so creative and keeps a beautiful pocket with Michael. Last but not least Taylor Biskup joined us in 2019 and is an absolute beast on the electric guitar and I am so thrilled to get to play music with him. It is such an honor and I am so grateful to take the stage with such world class musicians.

Are you planning on releasing any more new music in 2019?

We are about 50% done with writing the third record so it is looking like 2020 will be the year we will release the third album!


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