Amilia K Spicer Releases New Song & Music Video For Heartwarming Tune "Harlan"

Singer-Songwriter Amilia K Spicer has a free spirit that is captured by mystical places

and free ranging places. So much so that even her record label, Free Range Records reflect

her as a person. Her vagabond spirit brought her across her home state of Pennsylvania to

central Texas and even to Tibet. She is based in Los Angeles and Austin, but Amilia may tell you

that she feels more at home going to distant places. To capture the horizons of these far off

places that Amilia loves dearly is her album Wow and Flutter. With this being said Amilia K

Spicer also shows her talents in film which brings her music to a whole other level.

In her track “Harlan”, it presents a really folky sound to the listener. It has soothing

melodies and instrumentals that really intoxicates the listener into to this free spirit vibe. The

song seems like an enchanting place where you could picture yourself walking to a far away

land and taking your time to enjoy what life has to offer. It is evident in this track (and the rest of

her album) that she is a multi faceted musician and is able to communicate her love of revisiting places that are close to her heart. The track itself gets you into a mood of self discovery and brings you to something new. This is definitely a unique track in itself along with the artist herself.

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