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Amir Jackson Drops Explosive Debut EP “432”

Born and raised in California, Amir Jackson is an up and coming artist setting himself apart in the rap game in a big way. Based in Houston, Texas, Amir blends his authentic grit with witty bars and performance. Amir Jackson’s debut EP “432” is out now and available on all major streaming platforms. A self-proclaimed fusion of J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and Scarface, Amir Jackson has an individual sound that cannot be beat. Don't sleep on this rising star. 

Featured on Amir Jackson’s EP “432” is “Nada”, a hypnotizing new track. His authentic sound is a refreshing new addition to the hip-hop scene. “Nada” features compelling lyrics, original and intriguing all the way through. A slightly more classic rap style emerges, a little higher of an energy level, a quicker pace and a series of more accessible moments. The verses add personality, whereas the hook adds definite depth and individuality on a whole other level. The balance and dynamic works brilliantly in building something refreshing and unlike anything else around in hip-hop at present. “Nada” becomes quite addictive in nature, you thrash the replay button just to capture those bars once more, to lose yourself in the fullness and darkness of the sound, and to try to finally get a stronger grasp of the concept in general. We love this new track and can’t wait to see what Amir Jackson brings to the table next. 

Check out “Nada” here and read more with Amir in our exclusive interview below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic! What inspired you to start recording your music?

Growing up I used to watch my uncle draw a lot. Naturally, I picked up a pencil and tried to emulate what I saw, which eventually grew into comic book strips and storytelling. Over the years i got better with words and decided to use my voice as an expression of feelings. 

What can you tell us about your song “Nada”? What was the writing process like?

Nada was the birth song behind the "432" project. I wanted to work with Midi Monstaz who produced the track for a long time and I kept bugging him about linking up. He finally sent me a track and maybe like 20 minutes later I had the whole song wrote and pre-recorded. I write fast, especially when it's a vibe I'm feeling as soon as I hear the beat. 

What do you feel is the most hard-hitting lyric within “Nada”?

"Flyer than a stogie with Fedoras on my Al Capone". Bars shorty, bars! Lol.

If you could work with anyone at all, past or present, who would you choose and why?

 Biggie, Big Pun and Big L. The way they all deliver the flows and story tell with so much ease is incredible. Unmatched in my opinion. Def would want to work with Wayne and Drake. Jay a too. Kanye. K Dot. Shit everybody. Let's work! 

Is live performance an important part of your plans? If so, what can audiences expect from a live show?

Most definitely! When you come to my show just be ready to have a good time. Hear some good music and turn up. It's a party, you came out to have a good time and that's what we gone do.


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