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Among the Wildflowers Dish out an Electrified Performance on Latest Release "Night & Day"

They are calling out from oblivion, Among the Wildflowers launch onto their latest release "Night & Day." Chugging electric guitars and smashing drums meet the ferocity being unleashed in the track's vocals. This Alternative Rock band from Anaheim, California, is comprised of bandmates Jacob Day and Kirk Kisch. This duo enjoys experimenting with different sound profiles to create music that infused with thought and experimentation.

"Night & Day" features a charged vocal performance like no other. Power and passion radiate from the lead singer's voice, and the way he bellows out lyrics, especially on the chorus, will have the listener reeling. The electrified guitar blasts back against the versus creating a dueling effect between the lead singer and wailing guitars. The song discusses setting horizons on more significant things and letting go of the habits that have pushed us into darkness, a perfect tie back to the title "Night & Day." With a minute left on the track, the celestial hook fades away, and an omnipotent vocal performance descends on you. You're left wondering how one can even push their voice so far. Among the Wildflowers leave it all on the line on their latest release "Night & Day," don't miss out on this one. Discover "Night & Day" here.

Hello Among the Wildflowers and welcome to BuzzMusic. Your latest release "Night & Day" is a charged performance we are loving. Can you tell our listeners a bit about the song and its meaning? I (Kirk Kisch) wrote Night & Day as a song of hope. A song to give me more confidence to remind myself that I can achieve what I want most in life if I just keep working at it, while the song simultaneously talks about being looked down on by others, but being able to look past all that because at the end of the day I know I can make something of myself. You're able to create a very full sound just the two of you. As a band of two, what does the song production look like for you? Well I'm still an avid believer of having a full band to get that full band sound, so we wrote this album in hopes to find those other band members who are just as passionately driven as we are, and also have the love for all music, and are willing to experiment with different styles and such. As far as recording this song, and our most recent album which this song is off of, Jacob and I have our own parts as he is the lead guitarist, and back up vocalist, and I'm the rhythm guitarist and lead vocalist. We had our producer's younger brother, Aaron Caruana, play the drums for us on this one, and as far as bass goes I recorded most of the songs on bass myself with the exception of Sleepy Days which was recorded by Jacob. Have you been able to connect with the local music community in Anaheim? If so what has it provided for your creativity as a band? It's not so much Anaheim, as it really is SoCal as a whole, for all musicians all over SoCal try connecting with each other, and linking up etc. Luckily, from being in my previous band Shipwrecks, I have already had a lot of friends from the SoCal music community, so not only have we been trying to make more connects around SoCal, but outside of SoCal as well! As far as providing anything for creativity, you can say a lot of my music is inspired by my everyday life in and around SoCal What influences your songwriting process? Do you pull from personal experiences in life, current events, or literature?

A little bit of everything, including other music. As a songwriter, it's easy to get writer's block, so it's alright to look just about anywhere for inspiration, I believe.

What can we expect to see next from you?

Hopefully more music videos for ALL of our songs off of our recent debut album, "Iron Pike" available on all music streaming platforms now!



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