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Amplified Shows Us That the World Around Us is Truly, "Vibrant"

Hailing from Santa Cruz, CA, Amplified is an emcee and singer-songwriter with a fusion of conscious lyrics and modern styles. He weaves through the fabrics of classic and fresh in order to form a unique genre-bending sound consisting of Hip-Hop bars, and R&B flavored melodies that all come together over a diverse range of polished characterized vocals.

Amplified is eclectic, to say the least. His performances engage music lovers by creating a true thrill for those who appreciate his raw energy. Quickly rising to stardom with his consistent releases throughout 2020 and 2021, Amplified continues to garner attention worldwide as an opening act on tour for the reggae-rock juggernauts, The Expendables.

It just wouldn’t be an Amplified track unless he brought forth the type of passion that some can only dream of. His latest single and music video for “Vibrant,” is no exception in the way it delivers a thorough representation of everything fans love about Amplified.

Navigating us through buttery vocals that sway in between lush timbres, and textured rapping, Amplified takes advantage of Mother Earth around us as the visual component shows him embracing the beautiful features that our world has to offer.

Our favorite moment in “Vibrant,” has to be when Amplified can be seen taking strides in a spacious field, pondering life’s thoughts and taking in the view around him. With topical views that show long, winding roads, and a vast array of close-up and distant scenes, the filmic approach has us lost in the brilliance of the great outdoors. You can almost feel the wind in his hair touch down and impact you with its delicate yet prevailing touch.

With a vivacious color scheme playing upon nature’s blues, greens, and more neutral tones, there’s a liberating essence that seeps from the sonic elements, as we take it all in visually. Brace yourselves for that elusive feeling of letting go, and being one with the music.

The various scenes offered to us in the music video for “Vibrant,” leave us wanting more from you! Great job on the visuals. What inspired you to pair this song with an outdoor music video?

This song is about taking time for one's self to reflect and then coming back to the drawing board with everything you've gained. When I take time to reflect and just live the life I go into nature and it's so easy to get out like that when you grow up in a place like Santa Cruz, CA. With this visual, I also wanted to showcase Highway 1 and my hometown Santa Cruz, CA, to give context around the environments that have shaped my frame of mind. When you grow up with redwood trees and the ocean in your backyard, it puts life into perspective.

What was it like working with Ronnie Patania in order to execute your vision? Are there any memorable moments on set that you’d like to share with your audience?

Ronnie's my guy. I've known him for ten years now and he's seen the earliest of my art transform into what it is now and where it can go. He's someone I trust and who has been pushing my visuals to the next level every time we work together. Memorable moments are waking up at 5 AM to get out there early to film, and watching the sunset on the Pacific Ocean off Highway 1 after shooting our final scene.

What do the lyrics in “Vibrant,” reflect? What are you hoping your audience takes away from this track?

I wrote this track during quarantine last year at a time where no one had a choice but to evaluate their lives and face themselves without of structure of ordinary life to hide behind. The lyrics in this song reflect on the pursuit of my goals and slowing down to take a look at what's really going on in my life. I hope my thoughts and reflections help others to look at their own and decide thru honesty where they want to be in life.

How has your headspace altered from the creation process, to now that this song is out?

When I release music a part of me is at peace and I sort of move on from the emotional ties and let it be for other people to take on and interpret.

What's next for you?

A ton of collaborations, more singles, and eventually a new project late this year.

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