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Amy Lerie Conveys Vulnerability In New Song “Once In A Blue Moon”

Amy Lerie is a French pop/country/singer-songwriter who started her career when she was 18 years old and was given her first guitar. Songwriting has always been in her life. She wrote poems about love, life, her personal experiences and transferred them into songs. Amy released her first EP in 2015 in London produced by Maxime Obadia. "He understood me and he took what I had in my head and put out in a different level while staying faithful to who I am – he's that good !" After several concerts in Paris and London, she decided to move her dream forward and went to Nashville in 2017 for a couple of months.

Amy Lerie recently released her single “Once In A Blue Moon”, a ballad about love and what we assume, a personable single to the artist! Amy has a relaxing and soothing voice. It flows fluently across a slowed down emotional song while also showing potential of delivering them highly energetic and dynamic country rock hits. We like that you can see the full potential in her artistry. Amy proves with “Once In A Blue Moon” that she can convey emotion, become vulnerable, and serenade us a tune with full sentimental conviction. Now you wonder, can she get us to dance? Can she switch into the fierce and ear piercing vocal belts on a jamming tune? We're certain that she has that capability! “Once In A Blue Moon” really carries a melody from start to finish that we can become immensely engrossed by.

Listen to “Once In A Blue Moon” here and get to know Amy Lerie in our interview below!

Hi Amy, can you tell our readers a little about yourself!

Sure! First of all, thank you for having me! Well, I'm a French singer-songwriter based in Paris and travelling from London to Nashville. Started writing songs and playing the guitar 13 years ago but did my first performance when i was 10 with a Spice Girls hit! In 2011 I got my first big gig with my band - also played local open mics in Paris. My first EP 'Torn' is out on itunes - recorded in 2015 by an amazing french producer based in London. After one 3-month trip in Nashville in 2017, I met co-writers - among them, one producer with whom I m doing my second EP 'Higher' right now! Exciting things to come !

Do you recall the emotions you felt when you picked up your first guitar?

Yes! The first emotion I got when I opened my 20th birthday present was excitement! Like, I screamed my lungs out! Then after the excitement, comes the frustration of trying and failing to play some chords! But i never stopped! Three hours per day of self-taught guitar lesson and after a few months i got to accompany myself during my writing times!

If you can describe yourself in 3 adjectives what would it be and why?

The first one would be 'funny' - If i wasn't a songwriter, I'd love to be a stand up comedian! Then, I would say 'persistant' - I had so many lives before (math teacher, nanny, HR assistant in a law firm) and I could have stayed in one of them - i mean, stable job with monthly paycheck - but i always wanted to be a singer-songwriter, so I saved money to do my EP, to travel to Nashville and stay a few months there. That's what I'm the most proud of. Not giving up on my dream. And one of the things that helps me through my writing process is being 'compassionate or empathetic'. That's how i can try to understand someone's feeling if not mine, and writing a song about it.

Do you find any challenges in trying to connect with a listener or has this always been something that is an easy bond?

Nowadays, it's harder to be heard. Because almost everything is available for free, so your songs can be lost in the process unless you have a publishing deal or a record deal. But once someone hears a song that they can relate to, they are trying to know the artist behind. And so, that's how the relationship between them starts. It's not an easy bond. It's the first step.

What’s the meaning behind “Once In A Blue Moon” ?

So, in life, you have defining moments. Like, when you realize the person you're dating is the one you want to spend your life with. Or, when a friend is coming to see you at the hospital as much as they can, you realize what you mean to them. So i wanted to tell a story about one guy reminiscing two striking times he knew his love was the one(the time he saw her for the first time, and the time she gave birth) I didn't write this song with someone i knew in my mind, but I heard a lot of stories like that from my entourage.

Have you performed live yet? If so, how do you get rid of the nerves! Yes, i have performed live! The last one was in December at the Bluebird Café, Nashville. I'm not that stressed before going on stage - i would say, the minute I sing my first word, I'm good. And i use a lot of jokes in-between songs - that's how i get rid of the nerves i guess.

Any exciting plans for 2019?

Yes! Yes! First, I just finished recording my second EP and I will do an EP release concert before the summer I think. And, I'm playing in a French musical next fall in Paris - almost 40 dates of performance, so I'm definitely excited about this one!


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