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An Exclusive Highlight on Peach Guevara and Her New Album "Nude"

Peach Guevara will leave you in a complete sublime state when listening to her music. Peach Guevara's sound is soft while still delivering impact, she adds a soft and unique approach to Punk Rock. Peach Guevara is an eclectic singer and songwriter who has had a passion for music ever since she can remember. Peach initially used her songwriting and instrumentation skills as a way of escape, and you can hear it in her music. She has created her own music world, that will suck you in as you listen leaving you feeling enchanted. She dances to the beat of her own drum but still manages to compliment the contemporary songwriters such as Jessica Pratt and Angel Olsen.

Peach Guevara compiles deep messages within her music to create substantial meaning for her listeners. She has found ways to merge her music with social and environmental justice, which are such important subjects to be brought to light. After releasing her debut album, “Nude” which is compiled with seven invigorating songs that will leave you speechless and satisfied, Peach Guevara is currently preparing to record her sophomore album and plans on releasing and embarking on a North American tour in 2020. She doesn’t have any plans on stopping as she continues to tackle new measures of success, release exciting music, push for change in the world and grow as an artist and brand. We're looking forward to a strong year from Peach Guevara in the New Year!

Listen to Peach Guevara here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Peach Guevara! How was it growing up in Ontario? What was your favorite childhood memory that’s related to your music today?

Growing up in Ontario was an all over the place experience. I was fortunate enough to spend my childhood growing up in the stunning countryside of Lake Huron. I grew up loving the water, both of my grandfathers liked to say that I was a fish. When I was a young teenager my family and I moved into the suburbs. I was super bored being out of nature, and surrounded by cookie-cutter houses, which resulted in me finding trouble. I think my favourite childhood memories that are related to my music would be any time spent with my brother. My brother Scott is 7 years older than me, also a musician, and from the time I was very young he spent a lot of time showing me music, that I still love to this day. One of my earliest memories is of my brother dancing with me, and swinging me around, every time the song "Last Kiss" by Pearl Jam came on the radio. I think 90s grunge comes out in my music, just softer.

Talk to us about your debut album “Nude”. What was your theme for this project?

Well at the time of recording there wasn't an exact plan, it's all just very raw. I literally just showed up at my friend's house and sang a bunch of songs I felt like playing at the time. During the recording of "Nude", in life, I was going through hell, so I played the songs that brought me the most comfort at that moment. In the end, "Nude" is a reaction to perfectionism, it is about being naked in front of yourself and others, and feeling deeply without filters, despite how uncomfortable it is. I wasn't trying to put this grand debut album together, I was just trying to find some kind of relief, which is why I play music to begin with. Sometimes I wish I had recorded the songs at a later time, but I think because of my state of mind then, it really added to the songs.

Which song on “Nude” did you feel best represents the album’s entire message and why?

Oh wow, this is hard for me to think of just one. I think they all do in their own way. Each song was put together in such an honest way, left unpackaged, just as is, nude.

What was the most challenging aspect for you when creating “Nude”?

I think the most challenging part was basically letting people into my diary. I've always been insecure about my sensitivity, I've either been praised, or ridiculed for it, so the suspense of peoples reaction to "Nude" was nerve-wracking, it's like, are these people going to get it, or are they going to think that I'm "hysterical"?

How would you describe the songwriting approach you took to most songs on “Nude”?

Again, I just let whatever I was feeling come out if I was lucky it poured out. None of the songs were forced, or planned with an end goal in mind, I can't write that way, otherwise, my songs feel like false garbage.

What are you looking forward to the most Peach Guevara?

I am looking forward to valuing my worth and feeling more confident. 2019 has been a wild ride for me, and it brought me to a point of realization where I understand that I feel my worth and confidence the most when I play music. There is another album coming, and I am really excited about it. There is going to be more planning involved, more sounds, it's an entire story being shared, of a very significant time in my life. It's going to be it's own thing, but it will still contain the same honesty as "Nude".


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