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An Upside Down World That Is Painted In Blurs, Kaitee Page Comes Back For, "What Day Is It Today"

Kaitee Page was never going to write another song. With her extensive background in the Los Angeles music scene under the Electro-Pop moniker of Lunic, she dabbled in the multifaceted ways she knew how also moonlighting as a session musician.

Tired of the constant battle faced in the industry, she decided to make her way back to Dallas, Texas to focus on her career in the fine arts.

Fast forward to now. Almost 8 years after she retired from her musical ways, Kaitee Page brings back a taste of her creative genius influenced by the pandemic. Placing her raw vulnerability on showcase for her listeners to wistfully absorb, Kaitee Page is fresh off the release of her latest single and music video for, “What Day Is It Today.”

Utilizing her extensive growth both musically and as an individual, Kaitee Page places emphasis on her artistic brilliance in the visual portion of, “What Day Is It Today.” Neon lights and graffiti offer up vibrant shots that capture Kaitee Page in a still habitat as she exhausts the themes of her self-reflection through the events of the pandemic.

Meshing the quality production with filmed footage from the chaos emitted in the streets during the hectic events that have been accompanying 2020 leading into 2021, the tantalizing vocalization that Kaitee Page radiates fluently matches the docile cinematic relief we receive.

We vastly enjoy the soft timbres that are executed, it allows for there to be a more prominent impact in the lyrical motifs that Kaitee Page feathers through the sonic voyage we board on. Our favored scene in the music video for, “What Day Is It Today,” has to be the contemporary footage of Kaitee Page dancing in solitude as she moves to the music in a white dress.

It adds a haunting touch that is orchestrated to drive home the strikingly bold concept of, “What Day Is It Today.” We’ll be watching this video a few more times, and suggest that you do the same.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Kaitee Page, and congratulations on the release of the single and music video for, “What Day Is It Today.” At what point during the pandemic did you decide that you were re-entering the world of music to bring listeners this creation?

Thanks so much! I wrote, "What Day is it Today," at the end of August 2020 so I guess around 6 months into the pandemic. I didn't really have any plans at that point to formally "re-enter the world of music," but I knew in my heart that I had to record that song in particular because it encompassed so much of what I and the rest of the world were going through at that time. A long-time friend of mine, Julio Arellano, reached out to me with the idea that I should come to Mexico City and record the song with his talented friend and producer, Diego Suarez, and create a music video with Alejo Sarquisse from Mucho Films. We had originally planned to do just one song and be done with it, but the experience went so well and the vibe was so great that the project has now turned into an entire full-length album! I can't wait to see them all again in March & April to finish up the album.

Could you please share a look into what the creative and recording process entailed?

All of the songs on this album began with me sitting at my piano alone, late at night with a bottle of red wine. "What Day is it Today" came out quite quickly, the chords and lyrics almost at the same time, as if it had been dancing around in my mind for days. In fact, I don't even think I did any editing. I just wrote it that night and sent the demo over to Diego a few weeks later. A good producer can take a demo song in any direction really and turn it into any genre. I knew I wanted electronic production with a minimalist approach, and more importantly, thanks to past experiences, I knew exactly what kind of production I did not want. We did a lot of the pre-production via email chatting back and forth about vibe, influences, mood, the meaning of the song, and goals. We sent reference tracks of other bands, as well, and I was able to add scratch vocals remotely. I fell in love with the first mp3 draft Diego sent over, and it was at that moment that I knew we were a perfect match! I flew to Mexico City in shortly thereafter in October and we recorded the song at Topetitud Studios with David Montuy (engineer).

How was the concept of the music video thought of? Was this always the creative direction that you had in mind?

Yes, the song is basically about living in a time where violence and rioting seem to be the norm. It's about news outlets inciting fear in the masses as well as a broken political system and the role the media plays in polarizing the population. More generally, it's about history repeating itself; that’s what the lyric, “Does anything ever really change,” refers to. It also touches on mental health and disillusionment as a result of the lockdowns. I knew I definitely wanted to include footage of the recent protests and riots. Julio pushed for the footage at the US Capitol and I wanted footage of the BLM protests as well. I felt it was important to show both sides of the story. Alejo came up with the idea of the TV screens, which I love because so much of what is going on can be attributed to irresponsible news-reporting in various media outlets. My interpretive dance was meant to symbolize censorship, cancel-culture, government overreach, political disillusionment, and a general decline in mental health, among other emotions invoked by the terrible events of 2020. The entire team at Mucho Films did an incredible job with location and lighting. We were on the set for about 14 hours! I couldn’t be happier with how the video turned out!

What has been your biggest take away from the events of 2020, leading into 2021?

Choose love. Always. Violence is not the answer. We need to come together and listen to one another and empathize more rather than attacking each other or shutting down each other’s feelings and opinions. We are all only human. The key is to find a balance when searching for solutions.

What can we expect next?

A full-length album! I’m headed back to Mexico City in March and April to finish recording the rest of the album, and we might release another single and another music video this Spring, so definitely keep in touch! Thank you so much for taking the time to interview me. Your inclusion and acknowledgment mean the world.



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