Analyn Almerino Adds A Unique Twist On “Last Christmas”

Analyn Almerino is an 18 -year old pop singer who was born in the Phillipines and has lived in Japan since the age of six years old. She gained widespread fame in her home country after winning a major singing competition at the age of 14. Analyn Almerino released her cover of “Last Christmas” and you’re going to fall absolutely in love with her fulfilling voice and intricate vocals. She serenades you in the beginning with her first note and the introducing riffs and runs. The festive cover leaves you thinking about someone meaningful in your life. Anyone who genuinely has an impact on our life where we can think about and instantly either smile or feel a sudden sense of joy. Analyn Almerino maximizes that joy to its fullest potential with her delightful aura in “Last Christmas”. What I also loved about her rendition is that she made it her own. Some people have a tendency of recreating covers of popular songs and not adding any special qualities to it where it feels distinguishable or personable to the artist, however Analyn still managed to showcase her bubblegum pop personality and addicting charisma in a festive hit.

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