Analyn Almerino Is Bringing Japanese Electro Pop To North America

When looking at the official Billboard charts in recent years, it’s clear there are a number of foreign acts at any time. Be it Drake (Canada), Five Seconds Of Summer (Australia), Adele (U.K.), or Niall Horan (Ireland) a large significant amount of foreign music pop can be loved by American fans! And our new upcoming international star Analyn Almerino is going to be the completion of this multi-facet and worldly diverse culture of music!

Bringing authentic Japanese pop music to America with her new single “Making It Up”, Analyn Almerino is here to prove to us that she’s the next big artist on the lookout. “Making It Up” is a bubblegum, outgoing, and charismatic pop single with the mainstream quality but indie industry level. Although there can be rooms for improvement in certain areas of the song and the production, the whole musical aesthetic of the tune is greatly appreciated. Analyn Almerino has a voice that can be distinguished in a crowd of many. Her unconventional talent is what makes her a unique force that can drive the Authentic Japanese pop sound front and center of the northern American charts! The lyricism of the song were cheesy but in a bubbly and catchy way that it becomes a memorable asset of the single. Analyn Almerino has a lot in store for us and we’re excited to see the growth and stardom from this pop sensation!

You can download "Making It Up" here.

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