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Andrea Magee Is Truly A “Belfast Girl”

A gorgeous contradiction—Andrea Magee is exuberant, passionate, vulnerable, sensitive, tough, tenacious, and compelling. She effortlessly transports between the country, blues, and pop/rock as she keeps audiences thoroughly captivated at each one of her shows.

Fueling her life and career, we have Andrea Magee's burgeoning and exceptionally personal bond with significant parts of her life, like her fans, home country, and music. Her infectious music is known for lyrically expressing abundant love and empathy.

As she releases the irresistible sounds of her latest record, "Belfast Girl," we get a deeper look into the soaring vocals and inimitable songwriting techniques that Andrea Magee conveys. You hear her bring life to traditional elements that lay delicately and impactful in our ears.

The quintessence of this Americana songwriter has us absorbing her heartfelt wording as she says it with ease, grace, and desire. An entire universe is embellished as the musical foundation leaps from the speakers and wraps us in an atmospheric realm of music more felt than heard.

Andrea Magee performs with pure emotion effortlessly transmitted through the soundwaves as her saturated vocals caress our thoughts. Showcasing a powerful vocal range, Andrea Magee excels at portraying her edgy and free soul. "Belfast Girl" has us grasping onto her persona, and we feel like we get closer to her heart as the song's narrative pays homage to Andrea Magee's homeland of Belfast, Ireland.

The entire flow of the lyrical structure blows us out of the water. Andrea Magee ensures that each word melismatically performed has a colossal impact on our minds. Her brilliance is nothing short of sentimental, and it's a talent like this that has us eager to take in the layers of passion behind the music.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Andrea Magee! Congratulations on the release of your latest single, "Belfast Girl." This record is so passionate and full of authenticity you can't make up. What exact moment inspired this approach to a concept so thoughtful and dear to you?

So grateful you feel this connection. Belfast Girl was born out of the conversation during lockdown with my dear friend and great singer-songwriter Pat Bryne. Pat is also from Ireland but he grew up in the south. We spoke at length about the differences we faced as children growing up in certain parts of Ireland. He was really surprised about a few things I shared and encouraged me to tap into those memories when songwriting. I woke up the next day, sat with my guitar, and Belfast Girl just came out. There are so many memories tangled up in Belfast Girl, the majority linking to a feeling of honest homesickness but something else is also very present. I have always longed for the little girl I was and how freeing it was to be that child, I still do to this day. I long to reconnect with that inner child and I think this song also captures that ache.

Looking into your previously released music, how do you think "Belfast Girl" compares to the other songs in your catalog?

"Belfast Girl" is my story. I had never tried to write so specifically before and it came so naturally with this song and the collection of songs that followed and made up the album. I am very grateful for my roots and all the amazing people that have helped me grow along the way and it was so lovely to really tap into this love for this body of work.

What would you like your audience to take away from this in terms of what this song says about you as an artist?

That it's real. It was quite scary to release this song as it is so close to my bones but I realized that in that vulnerability listeners can take themself off on their own journey and that for me is a truly beautiful thing and the real gift of music and art.

What is the music scene like in Belfast, Ireland? How did this play a role in where you are today?

Honestly,, I have spent the last 8 years in the USA and have built my sound here. I played music my entire life in a family band but I think I always knew I needed to come away and strip away all security and make some heart aching sacrifices to find my own pathway. Belfast has a great music scene and I play sometimes when I am home but not as regular as I do here in Austin. I would love to reconnect and play a little more at home if the opportunity presented itself for sure.

What's next for you?

To keep creating, I am excited to release this full Belfast Girl album so I can dive into the next creative chapter. Being in the writing process of each album is my favorite part, it's the freest for me. I get to dive into a different world and play for a while, there is no pressure or expectation in those early stages and I love that.


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