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Andrea Veltri Releases A Love Bop That You Can’t Help But Fall In Love With

While growing up outside Chicago, Andrea has never doubted for any second that music was the route for her. With receiving her first guitar as early as the age of 5, Andrea propelled herself in her career with her first rock band when she was just 8. After 5 years with the band, they disbanded but it still didn’t kill Andrea’s spirit and determination to reach the top.

“What I Know Now”, the melody you won’t forget by Andrea Veltri, begins with the introduction to the song by giving us a slow build up before the main climax. I love how the song felt like a progression in a story from the introduction to the resolution, with a conflict character in between. It depicts her epic ability to song-write and show a sense of storytelling in her music where fans can connect to on a deeper level. Andrea has a very unique and interesting voice. I can see her crossing genres between pop, rock, country or even fusing all 3 genres together! Her voice in “What I Know Now” had a country twang, rocking rasp, and pop dynamic adding the perfect flare to the subdued love bop that you can’t help but fall in love with!

Listen to “What I Know Now” here and get to know Andrea Veltri in our interview below!

Hi Andrea, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi, thank you so much for having me! My name is Andrea Veltri, and I am an independent

country artist from the Chicagoland area. I have been pursuing music as a career since I was

about 8 years old, and since then I have never looked back.

Do you recall the emotions you felt opening up for your first act?

When I was given the opportunity to open up for a few more well-known acts, I can honestly

remember feeling so overcome with joy when I was told about the opportunity. Being able to

share the stage with some bigger names in the music industry was such an incredible

accomplishment for me. Stepping on any stage with any artist, big or small, will always be a

moment that I live for.

How has it been in Nashville writing music? Have the environment and your surroundings inspired you in any way?

I absolutely love Nashville! Writing there is just as incredible as the city. Being surrounded by hundreds, if not thousands of individuals with incredible talent, just inspires me even more. It can also be very intimidating, because of that reason alone. There are so many people reaching for the same goal with the same drive, and it really shows how competitive the music industry really is. Since I don’t live there permanently, I think every time I visit gives me a fresh fill for when I come home. I try and head down there about 2-3 times a year, and I’m looking forward to visiting there again in the spring.

Tell us a little bit about this EP you’re planning on releasing, what can we expect?

I am so excited to finally be releasing my very first EP! As of right now, it is set to release some time late Spring. My recent single, “What I Know Now”, will be on there along with 5-6 other originals I have written. This EP is going to be filled with real and honest music that I believe every listener will be able to identify with. I have always tried to write music that comes from a very real place, and I believe this album will really show a part of who I am as an artist, a writer, and person.

Did you have any inspiration for writing “What I Know Now” ? if so mind sharing?

I had actually started writing “What I Know Now”, in October of 2017, but I had the idea for the song a few months prior. I had been going through a lot of different changes around me in my professional and personal life, and once I decided to put the pen to paper, everything just flowed out of me. This song on paper is so black and white, and very one sided, but when it is listened to, it can be interpreted so many different ways and relate to so many people and situations. I love that this song, along with many others has the ability to do that to the listener.

What’s the most exciting part about starting a new year in your opinion?

The most exciting part about the New Year to me, is having the ability to look at what’s behind us, but keep moving forward. I am so excited to set new goals for 2019!


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