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Andrew Desogus Elevates Every Project He Puts His Hands-on, and Proves it on "Samba Way Solo"

Being based out of Italy and working in the UK and Boston, Andrew Desogus prides himself as a Berklee Alumni. He initially learned to play the drums son his own, later taking lessons from several distinguished musical scholars in his Italian sea-bordering hometown, Sardinia.

After moving to the United States, Andrew Desogus enrolled at Berklee College of Music, where he graduated in 2017. He was appointed as director of his own drum school in the Sardinian territories, and this year he is releasing his first single, "Samba Way Solo."

Andrew Desogus accomplished dexterity in his hands-on "Samba Way Solo," his new single, a two-minute drum solo with a steady dynamic development with vigorous enthusiasm. As a producer and session musician, Andrew Desogus specializes in this sort of sharp technical drum wizardry, sculpting the dynamic curves of the solo with his slowly developing kick drum pattern and vibrant displays of stick control through his staccato.

He composed "Samba Way Solo," entirely with a magnetic amalgamation of foot and hand dexterity, working with the rhythm of his four quarter-note beats as it lays down the rhythm of the drum solo like the foundation of a house. Little is left lagging or unsubstantial in the body. Here, Andrew Desogus has cut and sliced the notes to ribbon-like presentations of dexterity, doubling with singles and eight-note and sixteenth combinations interweaving Desogus's steady heartbeat to create an expressive character into a series of ghost notes and kick drums.

Halfway to the end, the piece picks up into a surging expanse branded by a sixteenth note upswing below, like a flock of charming bulls coming home to folk. At the very end, Cornu breaks off into the stratosphere, and it is unclear whether he is landing anytime soon with the amount of dynamic force behind his performance. It is as if Andrew Desogus uses the mystical power of tribe-like cadence to bring back the antiquated swing we control in our hips behind an excellent beat.

Everything seems to flow and blend together well to create the right energy on this single, how did you manage to create such an appealing groove and texture with your performance?

I always play with my heart and I look for musicality, when I sit on my drumset, and depending on my mood I throw down the part, my hands go by themselves and are guided by the sound.

If you could pick the most desirable scenery and mindset for your music to accompany, where would that be, and how would we feel?

I started playing rock music, then over time and I discovered and started studying many other genres, including funk jazz, samba, and world music; Right now I feel more in world music!

What fuels your rhythm and enthusiasm for drumming every single day? 

Music, making those who watch me dance and entertain, the desire to discover new things and improve themselves every day, you don't get to the last level, there is always a new "level."

What can we expect from you for the rest of 2020, are you planning on releasing any more releases anytime soon and can we expect some instrument accompaniments?

I'm currently working with my bass player on a new single, which will soon be out on all online stores, so stay tuned.

2020 has been a challenging year in many aspects, to say the least. What has been keeping you inspired?

Yes, 2020 has been a very busy year, every day I feel inspired to move forward and grow musically; I say thank you to the people who follow me every day and support me .. they are the ones who give me the charge and inspire me!


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