Andrew Weiss and Friends Release New Storytelling Song "I Need A Minute"

Andrew Weiss is a New York based songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer. The Music Court claims "Weiss is a band in a box." In search of a vibe and sound reminiscent of the music from Laurel Canyon in the early 1970s, Andrew began working on a new batch of songs throughout 2017. Those initial sessions gave birth to this new project. Andrew Weiss and Friends debut album 'The Honeymoon Suite' is out now! One of the songs off this album “I Need a Minute” is a mellifluous, joyful tone that fabricates a story for us to enjoy. It places you inside the song where you can enjoy the lyrics on a more in depth context. “I'm tired of being a stranger, I'm running low on friends.. I just need a minute” What I interpreted from this is Andrew needs space and patience to recollect himself and regroup properly before diving right into making connections again with other people who may hold an effect his emotions and potentially hurt him. He conveys these emotions in a song that’s rather fun-spirited.

You can listen to “I Need a Minute” here and connect with Andrew on his social media!

Where do you get much of your musical influence from?

I listen to a lot of music everyday, ranging from The Beatles to Cheap Trick to The Byrds, but during the writing process for this album, the music I was listening to was drawn more from a specific style. I started listening much more to early 70s music from California. The main influence on this record came from artists like Tom Petty, John Mayer, Ryan Adams, Grateful Dead, and CSNY. 

What is one of your personal favorite songs off this album “The Honeymoon Suite” ?

If I had to pick one, at the moment I really like “All Angels Have Eyes”. It took almost a year for me to finish writing the lyrics to that song, but I’m really happy with what it turned out to be. As a singer, sometimes you use different styles of singing depending on what the song calls for, and for this song, I sang in a way that I hadn’t before. It’s more of a restrained quality of singing, rather than letting loose. It fits well with the “airy” vibe of the song. And the band sounds great on that one. Phil and John (bass & drums) really fell into a nice groove and made the song feel great. 

Why did you decide to call it “The Honeymoon Suite”? Any inspiration behind it?

I purposely waited until after recording the album to come up with a title because I wanted to see how the songs sounded and made me feel in their sequential order. Listening back, there are a lot of love songs. Although most do, love songs don’t always have to say “I love you.” There are a wide range of emotions that are attached to love. At some point, “The Honeymoon Suite” title came to me. I started to think of what the Honeymoon Suite actually is at a hotel, and how many couples go in and out of the Honeymoon Suite at any given time. Love could mean so many things to each of those couples, and I thought the songs on this record could and should exist in that environment. When an album is a location where the songs exist, it allows the listener to feel a sense of time and place. For example, “Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino” by the Arctic Monkeys and “Highway 61 Revisited” by Bob Dylan. I also got engaged during the process of making this record, so that was on my mind as well and definitely influenced the record. 

From your perspective, how would you explain the meaning behind “I Need A Minute” ?

The narrator in “I Need A Minute” feels out of place and overwhelmed. He is unsure of his purpose, but the image of wanting to “drive slow enough to look out my window” makes the narrator feel at ease, and that is what he wants. Sometimes you just have to remember to breathe, and this song is a reminder. The song was written during a time in my life when I exhibited many of these feelings, and writing this song was a way to let these feelings resolve themselves. 

What emotion do you feel like fans will feel while listening to this album?

It’s hard to know what other people will feel while listening to your own work, but I think the songs are versatile enough where you can listen to them on your own, with friends, or on long car rides. My hope is that people will feel reflective and at peace while listening to these songs.

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