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Ang Sirena Maker Her Solo Debut With “Hold Me”

Ang Sirena is a multifaceted Filipino American singer and songwriter from Gilbert, Arizona, who captivates audiences with her distinct bedroom pop melodies blended with soulful R&B lyricism.

Inspired by Amy Winehouse, Erykah Badu, and Adele, her music tells stories of spirituality, love, and personal growth. Having previously lent her talents to the Los Angeles indie-pop soul band Xella and featured on NPR radio and the NPR Tiny Desk Contest Top Shelf series, she's now launching her solo journey with her debut single, "Hold Me."

"Hold Me" portrays a more intimate side of Ang Sirena. The lyrics, "I've been searching, ain't no question about it," convey a longing and a quest for something more. In the line, "All you gotta do is, hold me close to you," she showcases her ability to voice heartfelt emotions, painting a picture of vulnerability and the human desire for connection. The smooth trumpet solo, sweet backing vocals, and laid-back drums complement her rich, soulful voice, enhancing the song's overall listening experience.

With "Hold Me," Ang Sirena demonstrates her signature style, seamlessly blending contemporary sounds with a reminiscent aura. Its lyrics are relatable and universal, offering a glimpse into Sirena's world. It's evident that her music is not just about melodies and beats but an exploration of the self and expression of emotion. This debut single is just the start of an exciting musical journey; Ang Sirena is a talent to look out for.

Stream "Hold Me," available everywhere now.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Ang Sirena, and congratulations on your latest release, "Hold Me." Can you tell our readers what initially sparked your interest in music?

I grew up with oldies and top 40s around the house, whether it was my dad jamming, my sister and mom dancing, or karaoke at family parties. Music was always a part of my life, and having instruments around the house also made exploring easy.

How has growing up in Arizona or being of Filipino American heritage influenced your sound?

I was raised in CA, but it was a BIG change for me when I moved to AZ for high school. Because it was too hot to go outside and I hardly knew anyone, I stayed inside and picked up guitar and piano by ear. I started writing my music to express myself and posting my music and covers online. Growing up Filipino, karaoke and music performances were always at big family parties. I performed with my dad at relatives' weddings and birthdays. That helped me be comfortable performing in front of people today.

What was the inspiration behind your track "Hold Me?"

At one of my jobs, we played many indie funk and r&b/soul oldies music. I always wanted to make that kind of music, so I took a stab at it with my MK2 beat pad and an 88-midi keyboard alone in my bedroom one night. At the time, I had been going through bouts of depression while in my band (Xella), managing the band, trying to keep a 9-5, driving for uber eats, and enduring questionable side effects from my seizure medicine. Not to mention two back-to-back car accidents, drama at the job, and a sprained ankle on top of that. It was easy to feel alone when I only wanted someone to relate to and 'hold me' in comfort. Then I reconnected with a dear old friend going through something similar, and we comforted each other.

What's next for Ang Sirena? Do you have any upcoming projects or collaborations we can look forward to?

Yes, I can't wait to release my next singles soon! I am perfecting them while working on visuals for "Hold Me" and, hopefully, an online performance of what's to come. You can also catch my vocals on Dan Brown Jr.'s upcoming documentary, Girl Forgotten.

As you look towards the future, what is your primary goal as a musician? Is there an overarching message that you want to share with your listeners?

This is my first time taking a chance on my own produced tracks. In the past, I wrote/had demos that were usually transformed into someone else's interpretation. I plan to keep learning and growing as a producer/songwriter with Ang Sirena. My music is about my own experiences in love, spirituality, and growth. I hope my lessons are the answers for listeners and that my experiences show them they're not alone in what they're going through. In this saturated social media era, it's hard to remember who you're making music for (or even living for) when keeping up with the trends to stay relevant. I want to inspire others to do the same by staying true to myself.

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