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Angel B Just Wants To Have A “Good Time”

Born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Angel B is now curating her music from Los Angeles. The up and coming singer/songwriter and performer has known that the art were in her DNA since a young age. Writing since she was 9 years old, Angel was able to be apart of various music projects in Brazil and the US. Her first Music Video "Money" was launched on MTV Brazil in 2011. Angel B’s latests singles " I Gotchu", "Ain't Seen Nothing Yet" and "Don't Touch It" were aired on Multishow, the biggest TV Network in Brazil.

Recently, Angel just released her new single "Good Time" in partnership with Known Strangers and Empire Record Label and we’re here for it! The summer time vibe that “Good Time” spreads is exactly the mood we need for Summer 2019! Angel’s name is almost a hint at her angelic vocals and alluring nature. “Good Time” has a simple, yet important message, spreading love and positivity and good vibes. The R&B/Pop diva puts her heart and passion on display in this catchy new addition to the music industry. Laced with diverse and multicultural sound arrangements, “Good Time” is definitely being added to my playlist and I recommend you do the same! 

Check out “Good TIme” here and keep scrolling for our interview with Angel B!

Hey Angel! Welcome to BuzzMusic! What age did you decide to start recording your music and taking it more seriously?

I did my first professional recording at the age of 16, when I was part of a girl group called “Ablaze” back in Brazil. But it was at 17-18 years old that I started to work on my solo project and really go for it. 

Did you have a very musical upbringing that made you more interested in the arts?

My parents have always loved music especially my Dad, so we used to have the TV on MTV 24/7, always listening to music and dancing at families parties, that's part of our Brazilian culture. So I kind grew up watching so many different artists and was always trying to copy them and the dances in front of the TV. 

Can you talk about your newest track “Good Time”? What’s the meaning behind the lyrics?

I started to write “Good Time” verses in my car after I got the track from Sammy White the producer from Colombia. I just wanted to do something to uplift people and make them feel good.  At the time I was starting a relationship and we were really feeling each other and that whole exciting beginning, I wanted to welcome him to my crazy and fun life lol. But I kind left the song to the side for a few days, and one day I dreamed and woke up with the Hook in my head, so I was like “ok, I got record this track” and I did. For me, the main message is to encourage people to have a good time, a good life, no matter what. To not be afraid to be happy and be real with it. Allowing only good vibes around.

Who are your musical influences? How do you draw inspiration from them?

Oh my God, I’ve had so many along the years.The First singers that I remember listening to was Michael Jackson and George Michael , than female singers that really inspired me was Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, then after that I had different phases, Britney Spears, Shakira, Aalyiah and the list goes on. And from each one there is something different that I draw, It can be the vocal range, and thecniques I try to apply, or the performance, the entertainment side of being an artist and being able to capture peoples attention on stage. It vary.  

Do you have any upcoming shows or events you want to talk about?

Yes I do! On July 31st I will be performing at “Simple Bar” in Studio City, so you guys are invited, come and lets have a “Good Time”!!


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